Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Ya'll!  Here are some of my Friday Favorites worth checking out! Have you had a good week and cheetah-fied your nails from Monday's post??

Favorite Feeling:: Finally, its Friday Friday Friday

Favorite Funny:: Who knew Lauren Conrad was quite the comedian??

Favorite quote:: so true, fashion trumps everything

Favorite Accessory:: Arm Candy!!

Favorite local pizza place:: This Neapolitan pizza place is the best authentic pizza I've found in a long time! And their red peppers are to DIE for! If you are ever in the Atlanta  area, this is a MUST EAT place!
Antico's website and directions::

Have an awesome week!
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Mani Monday:: Cheetahlicious


I am currently LOVING anything sparkly and with prints, so why not a sparkly cheetah print?? Some may look at this look and think, "Wow that must've taken a long time.  I can't do that or have the time for it." But in actuality, it takes about ten minutes and no skill at all! Heres how you can get the cheetah look!
You will need::
base clear coat
gold shimmery nail polish
a white polish
black polish
and a brown/creme-ish color
of course you can change up the colors but that's what I used

Have you noticed?? I cut my nails!  It's always such a weird feeling to go from long to short but I guess it's what you have to do when a nail breaks.  So you want to start off by cutting, filing, and cleaning your nails.  Then apply a base coat to keep the nails strong!

Then apply your base color.  I chose a nice sparkly gold color.

These next two steps are the KEY steps in achieving the cheetah look.  It may look hard but once you read on, you'll find out it's so simple and easy!
All you do is take your darkest color, which I chose black, and simply DOT on.  That's it!  It doesn't have to be perfect as you see; actually, the more imperfect, the small dashes instead of dots here and there, actually helps make it look more real!  Dot on all your nails as much as you like.

Next, you want to repeat the last step but do it with the white polish.  You want to make the black visible so do a smaller dot on top of the black.  It is perfectly ok if you mess up and go outside of the lines as you can see I have.  You can also leave the tiny black spots alone as seen on my pinky and middle finger.  Repeat this step with the caramel/creme/brown coat and THAT IS IT! You and now cheetah-fied! 
With just a little positive attitude, you can easily get this look for cheap, done by yourself, and effortlessly!
Now go out and enjoy all the compliments you are about to receive!
Happy Monday!!
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