Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Favorites:: Fall Into November


Can you believe theres only 60 days until the new year comes?! I feel as if this year has gone by EXTREMELY fast! Mind-blown.  
Well anyways, it is the first day of Novemeber which calls for oversized sweaters, large mugs of hot cocoa, bonfires, candles, apple spice, cinnamon, wool blankets, and cold noses! Such an amazing time of the year! Well here are some of my favorites for the week!

Favorite Fall OOTD:: Happy First day of November! :)

Favorite Thanks:: Thank you Justin for showing there are real life princes making girls' dreams come true! Watch this tearjearker for what this guy did for his girlfriend, talk about true love, now the million dollar question every girl and I are asking right now, "Where can I find someone like this?!"
(Tips on how to learn Justin's gentleman ways here!)

Favorite Fall Activity:: Cuddling up next to bonfires or fireplaces with close friends. Nothing better!

 Favorite Fall Quote:: So true! Hello Fall-Pooja!

 Favorite Fall Everyday Style:: Flannel, puffy vests, monograms, and pearls. Nothing could go wrong with that combo!

Favorite Fall Treat:: Core and fill with hot cider, then you can add ice scream scoops and hot caramel before eating this apple bowl! Genius!

Happy Friday and First Day of November!
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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Edition:: Last Minute Tips!

Didn't have time to plan for Halloween this year? Time got to the best of you? Just got invited to a party you didn't think you were going to? Here's a few quick tips to have the best BOO-tiful Halloween yet for all  guys and girls and party planners!
Last Minute Easy Costumes Ideas??
Snag a friends superman or superhero shirt(we all know someone who has some), a black tie, and a simple white button up, and bam! Under Cover Super Hero!

Paint your cheeks red, wear a  yellow tank top, and grab a plain yellow tutu from Party City or where to be our childhood favorite, Pika Pika, Pikachu!

 Have a red and white shirt? If not, just get a plain white tee and paint red stripes! Add some jeans and voila, Where'd you go Waldo??

We all have an addiction to Pinterest, so why not dress as it?! This is for the creative and also lazy ones; wear whatever lain outfit and just add some pictures, add it on a cardboard, and BAM! You just became a Pinterest Board!

These next ones are some of my favorite couples costumes, but don't fret you single peeps! You can always dress the part of one and hope to run into your counterpart! Possible soulmate?! 
 Let Freedom Ring with this creative and patriotic outfit, can you say 'MERICA?
This is for all my southern friends, a Deer Hunter and his Deer. Too cute! Which southerner doesn't have, or have a friend who has camo?
 Wear an all black outfit and grab some white duct tape for your own personal Skeleton Costume!
Decor for the party planners!
Not going out tonight? No Problem! You can still get festive! Grab a few pumpkins and have fun! These fire-pumpkins are so cute, especially for those who don't have real fireplaces!

Scare your trick and treaters with this Bloody Footprint Walkway!

Scare guests in the bathroom with these hilarious add-ons to your toilets! Too Funny!

Get all Googly-Eyed with your guests with this simple and easy eye stick-ons!

Finish your look with this easy DIY Halloween nailart!

 Hope you have a fun and safe night ahead! Remember, it is just all about being goofy and just having fun! don't get too stressed out for over the top costumes, or no plans tonight. There's movies to watch, candy to eat, and costumes made yourself are always more creative and funnier! Here's a few costumes I've done::
The true Indian princess, Pocahontas

Nerds have more fun!

Greek Goddess

Murder-Mystery Casino/Great Gatsby Inspired

Check back tomorrow for some Friday Favorites.
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

OOTD:: Business Formal Part II:: Black and Blues

Dressy Shorts and Lacey Tops

Happy almost Hump Day you guys! Hope your chilly week has started into a good one great one so far! :) As promised, here's what I wore the second day to the High Point IHFC Market. The whole shorts with tights look is really growing on me. Who says you can't enjoy your frilly, cute shorts even in the Winter? 

 Writing on the chalkwall that asks the question, "What is Modern?"

A few of the responses on the "What is Modern?" chalk wall in the Chandra Rugs showroom.

A brief look into the Chandra Rugs showroom.

If you want to see more of the fabulous, handmade rugs , some pictured above, click on the link below!
Shop Chandra
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Monday, October 28, 2013

Mani Monday:: Spidey Senses, Halloween Edition!

Spooky Nails

It's almost that time of year again where we dress up in silly costumes and treat or treat!
As yall already know, I love dressing the part for festivity, as same goes for the nails.  This week's Mani Monday is a very simple but very festive Mani, spiderweb nails.
Follow the easy steps below to recreate your own version of these web-like nails!

Remember to be safe this week and don't eat too many sugary sweets! 
Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of the OOTD Business Wear.
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