Monday, September 10, 2012

OOTD:: Rainy days

So it is extremely easy to wake up and see that is it raining outside and just throw on a pair of hoodie, baseball hat, and sweats and go on  to your day.  But dare to be different!  Who said you can't look cute when it rains?  I've compiled three different outfits to wear on a dreary, rainy day that isn't too fancy but yet a nice change to the usual dressed down attire.

Above, I decided to casually dress up.  I'm still wearing something close to shorts and a sweater but dressed up just a tad bit.  It is a cleaner look without being done up too much.  The light sweater will still keep me warm yet wearable during this summer heat.  

I don't know about ya'll but I absoluuuuutley HATE when the bottom of my pants get wet! It is such a huge pet peeve.  So in order to avoid that, I will wear either rain boots with whatever style or if I don't have any or don't want to wear them, I make sure to wear shorts or a dress so I don't go into school or stores looking like a hot, drippy mess.
I decided to go more bright with this outfit and thrown on a pair on green pants.  What better way to stand out  of the usual attire then to wear bright clothing?  I paired a simple, light blazer, again for if it ends up getting a little chilly.  So a pants/tank top/ blazer variation always is a great choice to go to.

So this outfit is for those of ya'll who do not have rain boots or prefer not to wear them.  I would suggest wearing flats at least so your toes don't end up getting wet and dirty.  This outfit is just a simple dress paired with a rain jacket.  It works perfectly for those days you have to dress up and still have to conquer the rain.

Tips:: Don't do much to your hair on rainy days, obviously it will most likely end up being different by the end of the day then when you started it out.   A simple braid is cute and effective.

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