Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Favorites!

In the famous words of Rebecca Black, it's…….. Friday, Friday, FRIIIIIIIIIDAAAAAYYYY :)
Favorite Invitation Idea:: Blow it up and the balloon tells you the details of the party! How creative!

Favorite Everything Spread:: I literally use this spicy spread on everything! Look out for my personal recipe for it this weekend! (yup, no filter even added)

Favorite Way to De-clutter:: Get a plain clear letter organizer and use it for your clutches! Smart, effective, and chic!

Favorite Way to Use 9 minutes:: Burn 100 calories in just 9 minutes with these SUPER SIMPLE tasks! Add some reps and get more for your workout!

Favorite Laugh:: Ha, Ha, Hahah. Clever Drake, Clever. (Too soon?)

Make good choices this weekend and have a great one!!!!
Check back this weekend for the recipe for Harissa!
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

OOTD:: Street Style

Dresses, Jean Jackets, Chunky Necklaces, and Combat Boots

This outfit of the day was a very fun one to plan and wear!  It is very different than what I am used to but sometimes it's nice getting to play dress up.  I felt a sense of power and like I could take on anything! Well, anything on the streets, haha. I researched a bit about street-wear because I honestly didn't know too much about it and found out that street wear is simply taking two different styles and compiling them together.  It is more of an edgier look, more bold.  
I feel as if sometimes we all get scared to go out of the norm and what is trendy or acceptable.  But what you wear does make a statement.  It almost is as if your body is a canvas and your clothes are the paintings.  Don't be afraid to mix prints, mix styles, and change up your normal look for something a little outside of your comfort box.  I did and this outfit really grew on my and made me even feel a tad different on the inside!  Always have fun with what you wear while making a statement!

Hope your week is starting off great! Remember last week's Thoughtful Thursday in case you get stressed or upset!  Just take a few breaths, "oooohhh-saaaa."
Check back later this week for the famous spicy harissa spread!
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Mani Monday:: Striped

Black and White Striped

Who doesn't like a pair of stripes? They're always fun and always in style, so why not try it on your hands?  This look takes just two simple steps, paint your nails one color, and then draw some lines, voila! That simple.  I like to use small tip nail polish for lines but you can draw them as big or small as you like! 

My nails go great with my striped pants! 
Check back tomorrow for the street style outfit of the day and later this week for the spicy spread, harissa!
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