Monday, November 19, 2012

Mani Mondays

Neon and Chevron

As you guys probably know by now, I loooove the Chevron print.  So I decided to combine three of my favorite things:: sparkles, pink, and chevron!  It turned out to be very cute.  Many people think the Chevron print is incredibly hard to do, but as you've seen on my other posts, it can be quite simple when broken down into steps.  Try it out!

I first started out by painting my ring finger a sparkly gold and since I wanted to do the chevron on my middle finger, I painted that black.

Here's where to pay attention.  It really is easier then it looks!  Draw a diagonal line going from the corner of your nail to a third in going up.

Now from the end of that line, draw a diagonal line straight down to the middle of your finger.

Repeat the first step...

..and now the second step repeated.  You should now have one chevron line.  It is okay if its not perfect! As long as it resembles it.

You want to repeat the same steps used to make the first line until you reach the top of your nail.  Depending on how think or thick you make the line will determine how many lines fit on your nail.

Now add the color you want, I chose pink, and voila! You are done!  Go show off these bad boys!

Have a great start to the thanksgiving week, 
be grateful and humble, 
ps, don't forget to =)


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