Monday, October 15, 2012

Mani Monday:: Caviar Nails

Side Order of Caviar Please

Who needs the real expensive dish when it looks better on your nails? No, no, I'm not talking about caviar as something you eat, I'm talking about this season's latest style, micro beads on your nails!  When I saw this at Sephora, I just had to get them and try it out for myself.  I love playing with the texture of it and I absolutely love how its a different look that not everyone has.

First and foremost, wipe any polish off your nails, cut, shape, and whatever you need to do to them and then wash your hands.  Now apply one coat of whatever color you want.  I trial and tested and found that using white under the white caviar beads worked out he best since they were the same color and it help make it stand out more.  I then proceeded to paint all my other nails black.

Now you can start your coat and caviar process.  Start off by applying a second coat of color over the nails you want caviar-d, and let the polish get sticky for 10 seconds.  Then, over a sheet of paper, cup, or tray, pour the microbeads over the entire nail making sure to get all your whole nail covered. 

Now you can "Im-Press".  In this step, you want to gently press down on the caviar beads to secure the beads even more.  Then apply a thin layer of lop coat over the beads to ensure a longer life.  

A small funnel comes with the nailpolish set, so carefully use that to pour the excess beads back into the bottle for a future use!  Voila! You now have a classy, different look right on your nails!

 Happy Monday!
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