Monday, December 30, 2013

Mani Monday:: Bowties and Bubbly

Pop! Fizz. Bubbly! New Years is less than 24 hours away! Can you believe how fast this year has gone by?! This year, I'm going to a masquerade/gatsby theme party, what better way to look mighty dapper than this cute suited up, bottle poppin mani?! :)
Remember, it's not quantity. but quality.  Choose your New Years Eve festivities wisely. And be very safe! Cab it, carpool it, or walk it!
Have the best of time!
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Calling all last minute gifters!

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Found out someone is coming for the holidays last second? Couldn't decide? Have a friend's birthday coming up? Or simply, just a huge procrastinator??! (Oh come on, we all know it's the latter.) Well here's your guide to gift giving for the picky one, the traveller, the simplest, the nerdy, the monogram lover, and all in between!

For Her::
1. Get a watch! One of my favorites at a reasonable price is over at Urban Outfitter's here!
2. She's been good all year, splurge at get her that Tory Burch tote she's been eyeing, or any new bag! :)
3. Keep her warm by getting her some warm and cozy socks or fuzzy slippers!
4. Grabbing a bottle of wine? Make it look cute and unique by pairing it with some shoes for her! TOO ADORABLE.
5. Dainty rings! This is for the fashionista you know. Forever 21 is great for their great prices and adorable array of rings! Get it here!
6. Keep her looking great and warm with a chunky scarf! Can't go wrong there!
7. The Naked 3 palette has finally come out! PERFECT for the girl who wear natural makeup to the girl who loves makeup! Get yours at Sephora here!
8. This is for you crafty gifter.  Head to the dollar store and grab a simple white paint.  Paint on her monogram or a cute design to make this her jewelry plate! Simple and chic!

For Him::
1. The guy you know who grabs crumpled up bills out of his pocket? Time to get him a new wallet!
2. I LOVE a well dressed man.  Pocketsquares and ties are perfect to dress up any man! I saw a sale going on over at Nordstrom rack for the pocketsquare/tie combos.. ;)
3. Let's face it, most guys hate shopping, so they rarely ever go.  Time for us to help them  out.  Grab him a nice pullover to turn him into looking dapper! Patagonia has great quality ones!
4. Engraved flask, bonus points for it coming with some cigars, for the guys who love being manly (or any guy pretty much!).
5. Time to grow up men.  Every man needs a proper pajama set.  Not ready? Then you can settle for this style! Gifters, grab them some!
6. For the guy who loves sports, get him a personalized jersey! He will fall in LOVE!
7. Books are great to stimulate the mind and also to just learn new things.  Get your man a sentimental, thoughtful, funny, or even a cook book!
8. Getting them wine? Make it look more unique by getting him some proper socks as well!

What's great is that you don't have to go too far for these items.  Most would be at a local mall, department store, or even TJMaxx and Marshalls! 
Good luck gifters! FYI, if you buy through Amazon, they are so sweet that they will ENSURE you have your package by tomorrow night! Just in case!
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Mani Monday:: Santa and his Sleigh

Ho, Ho, Ho!

CAN YOU BELIEVE CHRISTMAS IS LESS THAN 48 HOURS AWAY?! I guess it really crept up on me this year because I didn't go home for the holidays this year.  I know it's right around the corner, and I still have a whole list load of items to check off, but still hasn't hit me yet! How about you?!
Well, anyways, here's my holiday Mani Monday look, cuddling up my the fire, keeping warm :) What better way to spread the cheer than to have santa, and prancer, and dancer, and vixen, an the one and only, rudolph on my fingers reminding me of what the Christmas spirit is really all about :)

Check back later today for some quick last minute gift ideas for your loved ones!
Also!, thanks for still consistently checking my page out and keeping up while I'm in the middle of revamping my page! I decided to delay it until a bit after the New Year to show all! Suggestions and feedback are still encouraged and welcome! (send to Love you all!
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Sunday, December 22, 2013

DIY:: O Christmas Tree

Every year we all come to the same question, which way am I going to decorate my Christmas tree this year? Every year we all change, from styles to favorites to budgets.  Here's a couple of unique and pretty awesome trees I've stumbled upon!
The tree for people with not a lot of space::
The tree for the foodie::
The tree for the bookwarm::
The tree for the bow lover::
The tree for the crafty (and desk!)
and…… behold your eyes…
The tree for us all! (Where can I get this tree?!?!) :)

Check back tomorrow for a Mani Monday and some last minute ideas for gift giving!
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Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Friday Favorites!

 Can you believe Christmas is literally right around the corner?! My procrastination is at it's all time high, how 'bout yours? Check back in the next few days for some more Christmas ideas and last minute gifting ideas, in the meantime, procrastinate a bit more and check out my merry merry favorites of the week!
 Favorite Merry Sweet:: How cute are these brownie/strawberry/whipped cream santa hats?!

 Favorite Merry Outfit:: Go comfy and sparkly this Christmas with this trendy plaid/sequins combo!

Favorite Merry Family Outing:: Got a day with your family and don't know what to do? Go ice skating! You'll catch my family and I on the ice falling every few seconds :)

Favorite Merry Decor:: Perfect festive and easy centerpieces!

Favorite Merry Brunch::Family staying for the weekend? Try this chic mimosa/juice idea!
…..and one mustn't forget…..
Favorite Merry Quote:: It isn't always about giving and receiving, it's about the little moments exchanged :)
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

What's to Eat?? Skinny Eggplant Rollatini

Let me guess what's on your mind, eggplant? Yuck! But I am telling you, try this recipe and your taste buds will thank you! At about 230 calories for 2 rollatinis, this decadent, cheesy Italian dish will soon be your go-to favorite way to enjoy this veggie comfort.  With the weather being so cold, this dish is a perfect reason to put on your apron and turn on your oven!
With the eggplant being sliced so thin, each bite will literally melt in your mouth.  And don't let the size get to you; each serving is very generous and you will be stuffed for under 250 calories.  Bon appetit!

What you will need::
2 medium eggplants, cut lengthwise into 7-10 slices
1 1/2 cups of marinara sauce of your liking
1/2 cup part skim ricotta cheese
1 cup(4 oz) of Mozzerella and Parmigiano Reggiano (or you can do any two cheeses of your liking)
4 cups spinach or 1 8oz frozen spinach
1-2 garlic cloves, minced
1/2 an onion, chopped
Kosher salt, italian seasoning, and black pepper, to taste

Go ahead and heat your oven at 400 degrees. Cut the 2 ends off the eggplants.  Now cut the eggplants lengthwise, into roughly 1/4-inch thick until you have about 7-10 slices all about the same size.  I used a mandolin which made this process the easiest. Sprinkle the eggplant with kosher salt to help remove the excess moisture and bitterness from the eggplants.  Keep it aside for about 10-15 minutes and then pat dry with a towel.
Season the eggplant with a little more salt and pepper, then arrange onto a parchment-lined baking sheet.  Bake the eggplant until it is TENDER AND PLIABLE but NOT fully cooked, for about 8-10 minutes. 

In a saucepan, go ahead and pour just enough oil to cook the onions and garlic(about a teaspoon worth). Add your onions and garlic and let it cook for a few minutes.  Then add your italian seasoning.

Now add your spinach and let it cook for a few minutes until it wilts.

In a medium bowl, mix the ricotta, parmingiano, and the mixture you just made.  

Now get your almost cooked eggplant slices and add about two spoons of the mixture.

Spread it evenly through the slice and then roll it up.

Spread about 1/4 of a cup marinara sauce on the bottom of a baking dish.  I used a 13x9 inch dish. 

Add your rolled up eggplants onto the baking dish.  Top  off the remaining marinara sauce and cheese onto the rollatinis and bake for about 60 mins, still at 400 degrees.

Let it cool for about 5-10 minutes and serve with roman cheese if desired!
Grab a bottle of vino, a baguette, and some of the parsley dipping oil I know you made ;) [[Get the recipe here!]]
Check back tomorrow for some Christmas Friday Favorites!
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Elf on the Shelf

"He sees you when your sleeping, He knows when your awake.."

Have you seen little elves randomly throughout your day? That must be a good sign! You see, these little elves are Santa's helpers who came to Help Santa manage his naughty and nice lists.  Each morning, the elf comes from the North Pole and telling Santa what he witnesses, then comes back the next morning perching on a different place to watch the day's adventures.  An elf's job is to watch and listen. :)

Here are ten of my favorite elves I've seen relax and have fun while watching over us! 
Elf going sliding on a tupperware lid!

 Elf pizza party.  Elves get hungry too!

Elf and the stuffed animals sack race. He found a couple of buddies to play with!

Elf pumpin some iron! Or shall I say marshmallow?

Elf kissing booth! Too cute!

 Elf in the bathroom for a little morning humor! He painted all the noses in the house red the night before!

Elf helping you run your errands and keeping the cheer alive! :)

Elf on The Voice! No one can hit a higher note like an elf!

 Harry Elf! "Wingardium  Leviosa!"

Even Elf loves gameday! He's budled up and ready with his cooler!

Have you been naughty of nice? Remember, he's always watching!
What are some of your favorite Elf on the Shelf?
Check back later this week for a recipe!
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Mani Monday:: Meet me Under the Mistletoe

Happy Monday! With the holiday mood here, Monday's just don't seem as bad, right?
Well continuing with being festive, today's Mani Monday design has some cute string lights with a little mistletoe for giggles :D

Check back tomorrow for some decor fun and later this week for a recipe!
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday (the 13th!!)! Hope your day is ever so lovely and who knows, maybe even lucky? Doesn't the saying go, "Once you replace the negative thoughts with positive ones, you will have positive results"? Change this "unlucky" day into one of the best ones! In the meantime, read this weeks favorites!
Favorite Moves:: There's just something about a man who can move and fedoras….. :)

Favorite Winter Trend:: Flannel and Knee Highs

Favorite Christmas Hair:: Oh Hi Rudolph!

Favorite Wish List Item:: Currently obsessing over these Michael Kors loafers! ((FYI… I'm a size 9.5 :-) ))

Favorite Words to Remember:: Very true!

Favorite Travelling Tip:: With the holidays around the corner, you are bound to travel a few places here and there.  Refer back to this post to learn how to best pack for your trip!

Check back this weekend for some funny Christmas ideas and a recipe!
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Monday, December 9, 2013

Mani Monday:: Holiday Scallops

A white Christmas has begun! This past weekend, the first snowfalls arrived! I woke up looking outside my window to see everyone's rooftop all covered in white! I don't know a better way to get this Christmas spirit spread quicker than a snowday and some fun! I for sure was loving it! 

This week's mani monday is inspired by all the festive cheer and holiday spirit.  This month is the only month where I think you can mix reds and greens.  I couldn't decide if I wanted to go with a red festive look or a green one, so I did both and decided at the end.  
I figured it's also nice to see various ways to do one look because you guys can experiment too!  I love when yall follow my design, but feel free to make it with your favorite colors or with your personality to it! Don't be afraid!

I love this scallop design. The red white and glitter boosts its charm! This easy 3-step design is great for you to design and get holiday season ready!
As you see below, I ended up choosing the holiday reds!

Check back later this week for some recipes and a some hilarious crafty ideas!
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Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Favorites:: First Week of December!

First week of December, whooo! Are you in much of the holiday spirit as I am? I could just sing along to Christmas music all day long! Still so shocked how fast this year has gone by! Here's a few favorites of mine this first week of December!

 Favorite Winter Decor:: Threaded cotton balls or pompoms for a snowy window

 Favorite Winter Desk Craft:: Add mini toys and effects into a mason jar to help turn your desk into a holiday theme!

Favorite Winter Mantle:: How cute are these reindeers? Simple yet full of spirit!

 Favorite Winter DIY Fashion:: Sweaters are a must this season, so why not spruce it up? Add some ribbon or lace onto those oversized sweaters to style it up easy!

Favorite Smile:: Yes, Buddy the Elf, you have discovered it! Such a classic movie :)

Still testing out some new designs for the website, bear with me!
In the meanwhile, check out some of my earlier posts!
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