Sunday, August 5, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Planeeeee ✈

I just want to say sorry for slacking on posts and emails lately; ended up traveling up north to see my sister and brother in law! They just had a housewarming party and with all the cleaning and cooking, this week sure has been keeping me busy!  

Speaking of traveling though, most people don't know what to wear or what to pack.  Since I am only going to be here for two weeks, I brought only one bag full. Here are some essential, easy packing tips::

  • bring the basics:: basic color tops and skirts. you can always dress it up with jewelry, hats, shoes, or scarves
  • make sure to pack at least two dresses:: a casual and semi-formal one; you never know!
  • CARDIGANS!! I'm a huge fan of cardiagans:: they keep you warm and can be easily taken off!
  • a pair or two of shorts
  • leggings
  • casual chic tops
  • rompers:: can be dressed up or down and so comfy, need I say more??
Remember, you could have just a two pairs of shirts and pants/shorts/skirts, and they can easily be transformed into an entirely different outfit just by being creative!
Here's what I packed::

Through all my traveling experiences, I learned rolling your clothes helps for more room.  It also helps in keeping your outfits together and an easy choice in the mornings.

I know many friends who always wonder what to wear to the airport.  You never know if you might meet somebody famous! I always say casual chic.  You want extremely comfy shoes since you will be walking a lot.  I like to pack a light cardigan for cold planes or airports; you never know the weather!  For girls, usually leggings, boots/sandals, and a comfy tee does the trick! I love hats and like to wear them to style my outfit up a bit!  For guys, usually shorts/jeans, and a polo or tee works great. The goal is to be comfortable and be ready to take shoes off easily. Here's what I wore::

More posts to come about all the food and party! Check back soon!
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