Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Favorites:: Olympics

In honor of the 2012 Olympics going on this past week, this segment of Friday Favorites are going to be all about the Olympics!

Favorite Olympics Fact::
Did you know?
The tradition of lighting an Olympic Flame started with the ancient Greeks.  The ancient Greeks idolized the power and fire.  In Greek mythology, the god Prometheus stole fire from Zeus and gave it to the humans.  To celebrate the passing of fire from Prometheus to man, the Greeks would hold relay races where the athletes would pass a lit torch to one another until the winner reached the finish line.  This started the tradition of a sacred flame lit from the sun's rays at Olympia, which stayed lit until the games were over.
This flame represented the "endeavor for protection and struggle for victory."  It was first introduced into our Modern Olympics at the 1928 Amsterdam Games.  Since then, the flame has come to symbolize "the light of spirit, knowledge, and life."

Favorite Olympic picture:: How beautiful does the moon look under the rings during sunrise?

Favorite Olympic collaboration:: Call Me Maybe??

Favorite Olympic quote:: well said

Favorite Olympic funny:: You can help but laugh :)

Favorite Olympics Nail Art:: These athletes don't let anything pass them, not even their nails!

The Olympic rings on British archer Amy Oliver
American flag mani on Missy Franklin
More flag nails on German tennis player Angelique Kerber
Favorite Olympic unity::  Amazing how the whole world can come together in an (almost) perfect sounding harmony, with a little help from John Lennon that is.


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