Monday, December 23, 2013

Calling all last minute gifters!

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Found out someone is coming for the holidays last second? Couldn't decide? Have a friend's birthday coming up? Or simply, just a huge procrastinator??! (Oh come on, we all know it's the latter.) Well here's your guide to gift giving for the picky one, the traveller, the simplest, the nerdy, the monogram lover, and all in between!

For Her::
1. Get a watch! One of my favorites at a reasonable price is over at Urban Outfitter's here!
2. She's been good all year, splurge at get her that Tory Burch tote she's been eyeing, or any new bag! :)
3. Keep her warm by getting her some warm and cozy socks or fuzzy slippers!
4. Grabbing a bottle of wine? Make it look cute and unique by pairing it with some shoes for her! TOO ADORABLE.
5. Dainty rings! This is for the fashionista you know. Forever 21 is great for their great prices and adorable array of rings! Get it here!
6. Keep her looking great and warm with a chunky scarf! Can't go wrong there!
7. The Naked 3 palette has finally come out! PERFECT for the girl who wear natural makeup to the girl who loves makeup! Get yours at Sephora here!
8. This is for you crafty gifter.  Head to the dollar store and grab a simple white paint.  Paint on her monogram or a cute design to make this her jewelry plate! Simple and chic!

For Him::
1. The guy you know who grabs crumpled up bills out of his pocket? Time to get him a new wallet!
2. I LOVE a well dressed man.  Pocketsquares and ties are perfect to dress up any man! I saw a sale going on over at Nordstrom rack for the pocketsquare/tie combos.. ;)
3. Let's face it, most guys hate shopping, so they rarely ever go.  Time for us to help them  out.  Grab him a nice pullover to turn him into looking dapper! Patagonia has great quality ones!
4. Engraved flask, bonus points for it coming with some cigars, for the guys who love being manly (or any guy pretty much!).
5. Time to grow up men.  Every man needs a proper pajama set.  Not ready? Then you can settle for this style! Gifters, grab them some!
6. For the guy who loves sports, get him a personalized jersey! He will fall in LOVE!
7. Books are great to stimulate the mind and also to just learn new things.  Get your man a sentimental, thoughtful, funny, or even a cook book!
8. Getting them wine? Make it look more unique by getting him some proper socks as well!

What's great is that you don't have to go too far for these items.  Most would be at a local mall, department store, or even TJMaxx and Marshalls! 
Good luck gifters! FYI, if you buy through Amazon, they are so sweet that they will ENSURE you have your package by tomorrow night! Just in case!
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Mani Monday:: Santa and his Sleigh

Ho, Ho, Ho!

CAN YOU BELIEVE CHRISTMAS IS LESS THAN 48 HOURS AWAY?! I guess it really crept up on me this year because I didn't go home for the holidays this year.  I know it's right around the corner, and I still have a whole list load of items to check off, but still hasn't hit me yet! How about you?!
Well, anyways, here's my holiday Mani Monday look, cuddling up my the fire, keeping warm :) What better way to spread the cheer than to have santa, and prancer, and dancer, and vixen, an the one and only, rudolph on my fingers reminding me of what the Christmas spirit is really all about :)

Check back later today for some quick last minute gift ideas for your loved ones!
Also!, thanks for still consistently checking my page out and keeping up while I'm in the middle of revamping my page! I decided to delay it until a bit after the New Year to show all! Suggestions and feedback are still encouraged and welcome! (send to Love you all!
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Sunday, December 22, 2013

DIY:: O Christmas Tree

Every year we all come to the same question, which way am I going to decorate my Christmas tree this year? Every year we all change, from styles to favorites to budgets.  Here's a couple of unique and pretty awesome trees I've stumbled upon!
The tree for people with not a lot of space::
The tree for the foodie::
The tree for the bookwarm::
The tree for the bow lover::
The tree for the crafty (and desk!)
and…… behold your eyes…
The tree for us all! (Where can I get this tree?!?!) :)

Check back tomorrow for a Mani Monday and some last minute ideas for gift giving!
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