Monday, March 10, 2014

Mani Monday:: Geometric Gold and Pink

 Happy Monday! Remember on Friday how I told you I was going to go horseback riding for the first time? Well I absolutely LOVED IT!  With the snow and the company, I would definitely want to do it again! I must say, I was pretty nervous as soon as I first got on and he was trotting around, but 5 mins later, I fell in love! Its a must try for anyone who hasn't done it yet! Here's a few shots!

Onto today's Mani Monday.  With Spring fever, and my favorite color, and the sun shining down, I decided to play up gold and pink with some white geometric and fun shapes! It is super easy to do since it essentially is just all small straight lines you break it down, that is it! Check it out yourself below!

Check back later this week for a new post!
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