Saturday, November 3, 2012

DIY Crafting:: Lilly Frames

Who does't like Lilly Pulitzer and who doesn't like spending less??  Combine those two and we have a winner!  During this event called "Twin Week," we were to craft or buy different items for our twin.  I decided to craft since I think it is so much more meaningful and fun!  The first day was a picture frame and I wanted my frame to stand out then some ribbon or letters, so I decided to replicate the Lilly Pulitzer print! It was SO EASY and yall can do this at home!
What you will need::
You can always choose different colors but I wanted to recreate this print::

Paintbrush ( I used to, a thinner one and a regular sized one)
Light Pink paint
Dark Pink paint
Navy Blue paint
White Paint
Green Paint
and a cloth or something to work on

First, go ahead and paint your whole frame with a blue base and let dry.

 Now add some random pink flowers that sorta look like the print.  I added the word twin to make it more suiting for the event!

You can now add some greenery and light pink  flowery shapes.

Use white paint and a small paint brush to start roughly outlining the shapes.

And Voila!! Add a picture and you are now ready to gift this cute frame or keep it for yourself!  You can know even boldly try out some other prints! Good Luck and have fun this weekend!
ps, don't forget to =)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

OOTD:: Business Casual

Two weeks ago I road tripped up to my dad's show market for furniture and rugs up in Highpoint, North Carolina.  My dad owns his own rug business called Chandra Rugs. The rugs are beautiful, handmade rugs with amazing textures and looks imported from India.  Seasonally, show markets are held to display wholesalers products and I love to help him out and check out other businesses!  People dress anywhere from super casual to business formal.   Usually, I like to wear business with a hint of casual since there is a lot of standing and walking done.  Here's some pictures of my weekend at Chandra's amazing, newly designed and newly branded showroom!
Here's how it looked when customers first entered! Welcome! :)

The first set up as you walk in displaying how a Chandra Rug could be set up and displayed.

Our Thomas Paul Collection.  Love his designs and colors!

The bar/coffee area to entertain our guests/buyers!

Have you tried a Chandra coffee? :)

This was my favorite room!  On the chalkboard wall was the question, "What is Modern?"  Here, guests could write what they thought were modern.

Love the mirrors!

Chandra pins :)

 The owner of Chandra Rugs and my dad! :) :)

And now onto the outfit of the day:: 

Lace and prints!

I loved this look because it was fitting to my age compared to all the older businesswomen but yet classy and business enough for the occasion.  It was pretty chilly so I added a simple touch of tights underneath and covered up with this cute black fitted blazer.

I love everything lace and paired it together with this eautral printed top!  Kept it to black and white colors.  Always a perfect go to!

ps, don't forget to smile =)