Monday, December 31, 2012

Mani Monday!


 Remember to be safe and enjoy your last minutes of 2012 and welcome on 2013!!! Heres my Mani for the New Years, black to match my outfit, with of course glitter!!! Can do New Years right without lots of glitz!!
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Monday, December 24, 2012

Mani Merry Monday!

Happy Holidays!!! You all know I love dressing up for any occasion and why not do it with our nails too?? Here's my Mani Monday Holiday Version:: candy canes, Santa, and some glitter for snow! 

Enjoy time with your loved ones this week! Remember, 'tis better to give than receive!!  
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last Minute Shopping??

Gifts to buy your loved ones last minute!!

I know we all have procrastinated at this before.  Or we just don't know what to get at all!  Heres a quick list of things that could help us last minute gifters!

Guys for me always have been so hard to shop for, but heres a few foolproof gift ideas that you could always end up buying!

  • Cologne?? After researching I found out that Lacoste's Essential, the classic Ralph Lauren for men, Obsession by Calvin Klein, Dolce & Babbana, and of course the classic Abercrombie are some top liked scents!
  • A Book series or DVD series of his favorite show(s)??  That way, when he watches them he'll surely think of you :)
  • Clothes or accessories are always nice.  Can't go wrong with a nice pair of boots, ties, or sweaters!
  • Tickets to his favorite concert or sports team always is a great idea!
  • And then theres always the old saying, "Making a gift is more sentimental then buying one".  So you can make a scrapbook of your times together or something off Pinterest!  It shows you really put thought and time into him!
Girls are really happy with almost anything!  Anything from clothes, to makeup, to nail polishes, to books always works!!

Don't stress to much about what you get as a present.  The saying, "It's the thought that counts" really is true!  
Happy Holidays!
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Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Favorites

Happy Holidays and Surviving the Apocalypse!! :)

I'm glad everyone happened to have survived and made it to the amazing Friday!! Happy 12.21.12 too! :) Here's some of my holiday favorites and funny apocalypse memes!
Favorite Merry Creative Treat:: Fruit trees!

Favorite Merry Manis::

Favorite Merry DIY Tree:: Love how modernized this tree is!
Favorite Merry Craft:: I crafted this for my apartment made of popsicle sticks! Will be posted how to soon!

Favorite Apocalypse Memes:: haha

Favorite Merry Funny Video:: Hilarious!

Have a great weekend! Be blessed and happy!
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Monday, December 17, 2012

Mani Mondays!

Merrry Mani Monday! 

Bright Lights

Who doesn't like the holidays??  My favorite part is all the lights and red and greens!  So with that in mind, I decided to do a mani showing off the bright lights!

So as usual, make sure your nails are filed, cut, and polished clean!

Now go ahead and use a white type of polish for a base.  

Then this is where it gets a tad tricky!  I used a black piece of thread to shape as the "string holding the lights."
I did different variations as you can see for the strings.  
The step is to polish once with a top coat, then quickly lay down your string as desired, THEN quickly again go over with a top coat.  This helps ensure the thread will stay.  

Once it is dried, go ahead and dot on green and red lights! and Voila!!

You are now ready for the holiday weekend!
Have a great fun filled start of the holiday week!! 
Remember, it truly is better to give than receive!
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Mani Mondays!

Today's Monday Mani was inspired by Pinterest.  I just thought it was too fun and cute not to recreate! 

First go ahead and paint all your nails the solid colors you would want.  I went with a pale pink, brown, olive green, and a creme for the decorative nails.

Next, on the nails you want to use the print on, go ahead and put dots onto them.  I did it on my thumb and ring finger.  I also think putting all the other colors in make it look better. Also, I found that putting little slash marks instead of dots came out for a better overall look.

Here you would want to find a thin paintbrush or black nail polish to use for the lines.  The thinner the better.  Also, don't be discouraged if you don't get it at first!  Practice makes perfect!
But here you will want to do small outlines, not perfect though, but around your dots/slash marks like shown below.  

And ta-dah! You now have some really cute nails!

Happy mani and enjoy your week!
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

 are you ready?!?! it is…..


Ever notice how the word "dying" is conveniently placed at the end of studying?? Don't let this get to you! Those of you still on college, prepare for one of the hardest two weeks out of the semester, the oh so dreaded finals week.  This time can be extremely tough and hard on your body and brain, so here are a few pointers that will definitely help you as you go through with it!

Study in chunks.
Try resisting the "easiest" method, cramming.   Try to study in 25-50 minute increments and then take  an hour or two break, or even a day break.  Spread this method out throughout the week, even just 3-5 times a week and I promise it will stick and be more understandable. Cramming really isn' worth it at the end.  The main point of college isn't really about getting the best grades but actually learning!
Create a playlist.
Did you know that certain types of music can activate both right and left sides of the brain which stimulates increased recall??  For example, soft music like Mozart follows a 60 bpm pattern which helps stimulates and is soft enough to still study.  Think of coffee shop/acoustic music.
Alternate your study spots.
Sounds weird and random right?  I do it all the time.  New York Times explained rather to sticking to one spot, to switch it up.  I see it as one spot may get to boring or my mind will remember the amount of time i spent studying there and shuts off.  I alternate between coffeeshops, library, and the student center.  Im personally not a fan on studying at home because I can get distracted but when I'm out in public I have to do my work because it's not like I can just sit there and be on Facebook or stare out.. it'll make me look so weird! haha
Drink Tea or Cocoa. NOT Energy drinks.
My mom told me a long time ago the effects of energy drinks and how bad it really is for you and how it could work up your heart too much to the point where it can get deathly.  Try some hot tea or cocoa as healthy and better alternatives!  They are packed with antioxidants as well as cognitive and mood enhancers.
Don't be a negative Nancy! Do you get anxiety or blank once a test is in front of you?? Spend a few minutes before relaxing and thinking positively.  Go in there, even if you don't know the material, that you WILL ACE IT.  EVERYONE should try  this method out!! You will see a difference.
Learn to manage your time.
Time really is precious.  There are so many moments when I wished if I had only 30 more minutes, it really would have made the difference from a B to an A.  Plan a schedule.  Don't let that 30 minutes you spent at the mall or being lazy on the couch get to you!
Office Hours!
USE YOUR RESOURCES!! As much as all of us students think our teachers are out to get us, they truly aren't! Well unless you taking a parking space they wanted :/ Trying studying with the teacher.  They are the ones who made  the final anyways.  They are in their office for a reason.
Start with what you know.
Don't get intimidated by all the information!  Start with what you know or kinda know and skip the harder things.  That way you can build confidence in yourself as you study.  It also will help with the difficult concepts once you see some familiar items. 
Make it FUN.
Fun and studying? Oxymoron huh? Not at all!  Make your information that you are trying to remember and understand into fun, corny songs or dances.  This trick SERIOUSLY helps.  The goofier the tricks, the more likely you will remember it.  Don't believe me? Remember "My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pies?" that we learned in preschool to learn the planets?  Oh yessss.
Statistics show that highlighting or using different colors for different sections or words really do help in memorizing.  Try it out for yourself!
Finish everything before finals week!
Lastly, try to finish all your other "busy" work or term papers before finals week instead of waiting till the last second and then having to do a 15 page paper while having to study on top of that.  Finishing all your other work will not only take off a weight off your shoulder, but also leave so much more free time to just sit down and study.

Relax.  Study.  But most importantly, Remember to learn something.  Being smart is one of the sexiest qualities to have!
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Monday, December 3, 2012

Mani Monday

Hey everyone!  Hope you all are enjoying this fabulous day as much as I am! My sorority had our semi-formal this weekend and you all know how much I just loved dressing for the occasion.  With that being said, I decided to have my nails done with a classic french but with bow ties on them to go along with the dance theme!

Isn't it the cutest thing ever?? I am still in love! Well have a great rest of the week; look our for the sumer-> fall OOTD coming out this week!
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thoughtful Thursdays

A very sweet thing happened to me today which caused me to still keep smiling.  I was in my apartment and getting ready to make some lunch but then started to feel lazy so I decided to go out and get some food instead.  
I was running a little short on cash so I decided to just hit up the Del Taco which has some pretty cheap food that still fills me up.  I ordered my food and was waiting in line, there were about 3 cars in front of me.  I was just messing with the music and wasn't paying any attention, so when it was time for me to pull up to the cashier, I had my money ready and was handing it to the cashier.  The cashier lady just looked at me and smiled, saying  my order was paid for by the car in front of me that just drove off!  
In my mind, I thought this was some prank or I was on TV, I was looking everywhere for Ashton Kutcher and quickly fixing my hair and whatnot!
(Haha, just kidding :D )
But forreal, I was shocked.  I've heard of this but never had it happen to me!  You can't help but just smile knowing that there is still good out in this world.  To keep spreading the happiness, kindness, and smiles, I asked the lady what the car behind me total was, and to my luck, they only ordered a drink and one taco, so I still got to not spend much as planned!  I went ahead and paid for the car behind me.  As I drove away, I looked in my rear view mirror looking back how that person didn't know what she had coming to her as well.
The little things really do make the smiles last longer!
The point of this story is that when you least expect it, your day can turn around completely. It TRULEY is the SMALL things in life that mean the most.  
So remember:: giving does have its rewards and it makes you feel so much better knowing others are genuinely happy, smiling is contagious, and always look on the bright side!  You never know what is around the corner and what good karma could come your way!
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Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Favorites

Hope you guys enjoyed your Thanksgiving! And hope your tummy keeps being stuffed all weekend and your afternoons laying on the couches with the family are filled with laughter! Most of yall are probably out hitting the sales or back home sleeping from the midnight shopping, but I decided to throw a quick list of my favorites for the week!  It might inspire your shopping to weekend activities!

Favorite Feeling:: Crisp, morning walks down the street with colored leaves falling

Favorite Family Pastime:: Bonfire nights under the moon and stars with the family

Favorite buddy to be lazy with:: My pup!

Favorite Fall Look:: You can expect me to be sporting this outfit alot! Big, chunky scarf, dresses with cardigans, tights, and booties

Favorite Fall Treat:: Homemade mac and cheese, hello comfort food!

Favorite Thankful Quote::

Remember to be thankful for your life and grateful for others!  Have a great weekend!
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Mani Mondays

Neon and Chevron

As you guys probably know by now, I loooove the Chevron print.  So I decided to combine three of my favorite things:: sparkles, pink, and chevron!  It turned out to be very cute.  Many people think the Chevron print is incredibly hard to do, but as you've seen on my other posts, it can be quite simple when broken down into steps.  Try it out!

I first started out by painting my ring finger a sparkly gold and since I wanted to do the chevron on my middle finger, I painted that black.

Here's where to pay attention.  It really is easier then it looks!  Draw a diagonal line going from the corner of your nail to a third in going up.

Now from the end of that line, draw a diagonal line straight down to the middle of your finger.

Repeat the first step...

..and now the second step repeated.  You should now have one chevron line.  It is okay if its not perfect! As long as it resembles it.

You want to repeat the same steps used to make the first line until you reach the top of your nail.  Depending on how think or thick you make the line will determine how many lines fit on your nail.

Now add the color you want, I chose pink, and voila! You are done!  Go show off these bad boys!

Have a great start to the thanksgiving week, 
be grateful and humble, 
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Crafting:: Nameboard

I found this idea of Pinterest and decided to do one of my own!  It was easy, cheap and so cute!

What you will need::
cork board (to the size you want it to be)
assorted colors of embroidery floss (i used ROY G BIV)
nails or push pins (i used around 200)

You can use a template from online and print it out and trace it as a reference, but I am pretty good with letters so I just free-handed it.  I found if you are doing a word instead of one letter, then a cursive font works alot better and smoothly.  I decided to use my last name Tiwari.

After you traced an outline of the font you want, place nails/pushpins outlining the letters.
I thought this part looked cool itself!

Now the fun part---STRINGING!  I did the rainbow effect but you could do an ombre, one color, your favorite team's color, or whatever as well.

Here is the key:: you want to tie a small knot to the pushpin/nail each time you use a new string or end it.  It doesn't matter where you start or end.  Now you can begin!   Just basically start weaving back and forth, up and down, whichever way you want!  The best part is that you CAN'T go wrong!  Just let it flow, don't think too much about it.  I actually found that overlapping alot looked better.

I kept moving through the color spectrum as i worked into the word.  Overlap here to blend the colors!


And voila! simple as that! I decided to color in some in black to help show the letters more easily and created a boarder.

  You know have a new wall decor that was made by you, simple, and cheap!  Try out other colors and fonts and see which way you like it better!
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