Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Favorites

Happy happy New Years and first Friday of the year!!!Hope y'all are sticking to your resolutions still and keeping up with making this year count and a great one!   Here are some of my Friday Favorites!
Favorite Accessory:: Monogrammed jewelry! pretty much obsessed with these right now

Favorite New Years Quotes::

Favorite Laugh:: Theres just something about a kid getting so happy that makes me so happy! And his excitement was too presh! Haha

Favorite Wintertime Activity:: Get together with a significant or a group of friends and go ice skating!

Favorite Feeling:: getting a surprise just because, just to brighten up a day :)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and remember to just look for the best!
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

DIY:: Melted Crayon Art

This was one of my favorite DIY projects!  I've been wanting to do this for a while now but just haven't had the time.  It is super easy and just so awesome to watch melt! 
What you will need::
  • Crayons
  • Glue Gun along with glue sticks
  • Marker if you wanted to draw
  • Any size canvas you want
  • black paint
  • hair dryer
  • tape
  • and something to keep your work from getting too messy; I used newspaper

Start off painting your canvas black.  Once dry, hot glue your arrangement of crayons.  Just hot glue the end of the crayon so it stays in place.  Make sure to leave a white space for the drawing!

Don't forget to tape your white space so it doesn't get too messy.  You want to prop the canvas up against a surface, a bit slanted.  That way it is easier for the crayons to melt down. Now take your hair dryer and start blowing away!

You can experiment here.  Blow to the right, blow to the left, blow straight down! Watch the colors blend and melt away!

How awesome does that look?!?

Now slowly take your tape off.

I decided to draw a couple underneath an umbrella.  Theres the pencil sketch.

And the finished product!  For those of you who watch How I Met Your Mother, the yellow umbrella is indeed symbolic ;)

I loved it so much I decided to do another one!  I started out by laying out my colors.

Then arranged them into a heart-shaped design and starting hot glueing it to stay in its place.

This one was different than the other because I literally had to keep turning the canvas and tilt it down for it to splatter since the design was a circle type.

Finished product!!  Look at all this mess!  I wasn't kidding by saying it leaves a huge mess!

Still looks soo amazing!

What design are you going to try?
Happy crafting!
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Monday, December 31, 2012

Mani Monday!


 Remember to be safe and enjoy your last minutes of 2012 and welcome on 2013!!! Heres my Mani for the New Years, black to match my outfit, with of course glitter!!! Can do New Years right without lots of glitz!!
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