Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Favorites:: First Week of December!

First week of December, whooo! Are you in much of the holiday spirit as I am? I could just sing along to Christmas music all day long! Still so shocked how fast this year has gone by! Here's a few favorites of mine this first week of December!

 Favorite Winter Decor:: Threaded cotton balls or pompoms for a snowy window

 Favorite Winter Desk Craft:: Add mini toys and effects into a mason jar to help turn your desk into a holiday theme!

Favorite Winter Mantle:: How cute are these reindeers? Simple yet full of spirit!

 Favorite Winter DIY Fashion:: Sweaters are a must this season, so why not spruce it up? Add some ribbon or lace onto those oversized sweaters to style it up easy!

Favorite Smile:: Yes, Buddy the Elf, you have discovered it! Such a classic movie :)

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