Monday, September 24, 2012

Mani Mondays:: Burberry Inspired

Burberry Inspired 

So I must say I do love this style! I feel that it is classy and a great transition into fall with the red, beige, and black tones.  I've worn it only for a day and have gotten so many compliments!  Not going to lie, this one does take a little more time than usual and more concentration, but I am sure y'all can do it!

Start off by cleaning, cutting, filing, and washing your hands as usual.  You always want clean, polished hands when painting.  I used a champagne/beige color as my base that resembled Burberry's.

Now here is where it gets tricky.  Look at my middle finger with only the white lines drawn on it.  Thats where you will start.  Paint on with a thinner tip two lines horizontally and two lines vertically as shown above.  Leave enough space between so the black line could be drawn  right in.  
Next, fill in the lines with the black polish.  I painted on the vertical lines, to the right of the whites, two more black lines.  Then one black line horizontally in between the other two, as shown on the picture on the right. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!


Then you can paint your red lines.  You just want two lines, crossing each other, as shown on my index finger.  These two lines will be on the other side, so on the left, of the nail.  Now finish up your other nails! 

And that is it! Finish it off with a top coat and you're done! You now have your timelessly created nails! Good luck!
Have a great start of the week!
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