Monday, October 8, 2012

Mani Mondays:: School and Sorority Pride

School Spirit, rah, rah, rah!

So this week is my school's homecoming week.  And as y'all know by know, any reason for me to do my nails, I will! What better way to show school pride then to show some pride on your nails??  My school's mascot is the owl so I attempted my version of an owl with our school colors, black and yellow.  This week also has a competition between the different fraternities and sororities and so of course I had to show some Kappa Delta pride.  Check it out!

(excuse the sloppy work on my fingers and the avalanche of nail polishes behind)
First, I started off by painting all my nails black.  Next, I took my index finger and painting a thick white line across half of my nail. Then I proceeded to draw almost a triangle shape from the end of the white to the end of my nail like shown below.  This will be the owls ears.

Go ahead and dab another triangular shape on the other side of the nail like shown below. Can you start seeing the owl?? I promise it looks harder then it seems but you can do it!

Owls are known for their big eyes.  Since my school colors are black and yellow, I chose those colors when creating my owl.  I chose the darkest color, black for his eyes and yellow for his eyeballs.  Remember to just dot on these eyes.  I then made an upside down u-shape and filed it in to the edge of my nails, like shown below.

Now dab on a small upside down triangle and voila! You now have one school spirited set of nails!

On my right hand I decided to paint all my nails black to be in uniform with the other hand and still school spirited. But instead of drawing an owl, which would be 10x harder since I'm right handed, I chose to go for something easier and just show spirit in show of the games and my love for Kappa Delta!  I painted my index finger a light green like so.

This set of nails is definitely an easier one. All you do next is draw on "KD" with their other color white and voila! You're done.

Finish off your nails with a top coat and you're done! Cute and school, and greek spirited!

Happy Monday!
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