Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Favorites!

Are you as busy as I have been this week and upcoming days? Holidays are right around the corner and I feel as if everyone is trying to cram everything in all at once! Whew! Thank goodness it's Friday and time for a little break! Why not indulge in trying out these few things this weekend for a relaxation break?

Favorite DIY:: Learn how to make your own bulletin board here! I made perfect-sized inspiration board earlier this year!

Favorite Steal:: I just LOVE booties, and this year, detail and buckles have been the latest trend! One of my most favorite ones have been this Chloe bootie! Since most of us can't splurge on a Chloe bootie, why not get this great steal from Forever 21??

Favorite Fresh Spread:: In love with the dipping oils and spreads you get at Italian restaurants? Learn how to make it with my recipe here! It's the perfect appetizer or side dish served with some warm baguette!

Favorite Smile:: In honor of Thanksgiving coming up soon and my love for the show How I Met Your Mother, I found this little gem from Skreened and couldn't resist. Happy Slapsgiving!

Favorite Quote:: You know that thought that's been in your mind for a while now? Get the courage and just do it! :)

Check back this weekend for an exciting announcement!
Happy Friday!
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Mani Monday:: Sparklin' Cheetah

Glitter and Cheetah-licious

Happy Monday yall! This weekend was full of rest and relaxation.  People have asked me, "Pooj, what did you do this weekend?" And it feels soooo good to respond with absolutely nothing.  Caught up a few shows(have you seen Revenge's new episode?! Lydia is alive?!!!), laundry, enjoyed a light hike taking in the fresh air, and just bummed it relaxing on the couch. Sometimes all you need is just that type of a weekend. 
This week's Mani Monday is a sassy but classy mani, cheetah-licious! It is extremely easy to do, as you can see my the simple 3 steps below, so try it out for yourself!  
Did you try the Fail-Proof Chipotle Style Black Beans or the Lentil Falafels this weekend? How about invite some friends over this week and you all enjoy?!
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

OOTD:: Winter Layers and Floral

Pinks, Florals, and Layers on Layers; Bring on the Cold Days!

This week has been in the mid-thrirties/low forties all week! I sure do miss the warm Georgia weather right about now! As I walk down the streets, and into coffeeshops and grocery stores, I've noticed that everyone here in Maryland loves to layer up, and for a good reason! The most common is shirts, hoodies, sweaters, puffy vests, and gloves, but I want something different, something to stand out.  Today's post is all about looking chic while still bundling up!

My go-to trend for the winter is tights.  Don't let how thin they feel trick you! It actually keeps you pretty warm! Researchers say that your head, hands, and feet are the firsts ones to get cold and get your body cold.  As long as those are nice and warm, the rest of your body easily adapts to the chilly winds.  
I chose to pair a dress with a blazer and oversized infinity scarf, pairing it with brown tights and some booties, topping it off with a nice creme peacoat to keep me all cozy and warm.

What I love about layers is that you can take a layer or two off when you get warm, and bundle up when your cold.  It's the best of both worlds! 

Who says your can't be chic and still bundle up for the cold days?
Which layering styles are you going to choose?
Check back next week for a sweet recipe and tomorrow's Mani Monday!
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