Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Favorites!

Are you as busy as I have been this week and upcoming days? Holidays are right around the corner and I feel as if everyone is trying to cram everything in all at once! Whew! Thank goodness it's Friday and time for a little break! Why not indulge in trying out these few things this weekend for a relaxation break?

Favorite DIY:: Learn how to make your own bulletin board here! I made perfect-sized inspiration board earlier this year!

Favorite Steal:: I just LOVE booties, and this year, detail and buckles have been the latest trend! One of my most favorite ones have been this Chloe bootie! Since most of us can't splurge on a Chloe bootie, why not get this great steal from Forever 21??

Favorite Fresh Spread:: In love with the dipping oils and spreads you get at Italian restaurants? Learn how to make it with my recipe here! It's the perfect appetizer or side dish served with some warm baguette!

Favorite Smile:: In honor of Thanksgiving coming up soon and my love for the show How I Met Your Mother, I found this little gem from Skreened and couldn't resist. Happy Slapsgiving!

Favorite Quote:: You know that thought that's been in your mind for a while now? Get the courage and just do it! :)

Check back this weekend for an exciting announcement!
Happy Friday!
ps, don't forget to =)


  1. Great dupe from F21!! Cute blog! :)

    Would appreciate if you checked out mine

    1. right?! who needs to pay alot when you can get one just as cute and in our budget! saves money for more things! :) and will do!