Tuesday, September 2, 2014


*****Special ANNOUNCEMENT!***

Hey fellow fashionistas and foodies! Thanks for being so patient with me and checking up frequently as I've disappeared with this blog and updating! I have been busy working on my new blog! 
It will have the same  content as this, but a bit more professional and more consistent. You guys have been amazing in supporting me and will hopefully be there to watch my grow on my new site www.PoojaTiwari.com  
After having a bit under 30,000 viewers in two years, I've decided to take my blog into a more professional state and hopefully you guys as my fans will continue with me. When I first started, it was a small hobby and a time pass, something for fun; but after seeing the amount of how grand this has become, I decided I needed take it up a notch for you guys.
The blog is live now but still in the works; it will hopefully be up by this weekend or next! And the best part is that it is a responsive website! Meaning, no matter where you look at it from, whether it is your tablet, a phone, or your computer, the layout will all look the same! Go ahead, try it out yourself!
 Keep checking and send feedback!
Once again, thanks so much! You guys are my number 1 fans!

xoxo, Pooja
ps, don't forget to =)