Tuesday, September 2, 2014


*****Special ANNOUNCEMENT!***

Hey fellow fashionistas and foodies! Thanks for being so patient with me and checking up frequently as I've disappeared with this blog and updating! I have been busy working on my new blog! 
It will have the same  content as this, but a bit more professional and more consistent. You guys have been amazing in supporting me and will hopefully be there to watch my grow on my new site www.PoojaTiwari.com  
After having a bit under 30,000 viewers in two years, I've decided to take my blog into a more professional state and hopefully you guys as my fans will continue with me. When I first started, it was a small hobby and a time pass, something for fun; but after seeing the amount of how grand this has become, I decided I needed take it up a notch for you guys.
The blog is live now but still in the works; it will hopefully be up by this weekend or next! And the best part is that it is a responsive website! Meaning, no matter where you look at it from, whether it is your tablet, a phone, or your computer, the layout will all look the same! Go ahead, try it out yourself!
 Keep checking and send feedback!
Once again, thanks so much! You guys are my number 1 fans!

xoxo, Pooja
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Monday, August 4, 2014

Mani Monday: Butterfly and Watermelon Nails Collaboration!

Last week I collaborated with the ever so sweet and stylish Saumya from the fashion blog, Myriad Musings. We decided to do a special style series she does called Trend Trotting Thursdays! (look back on Thursdays for more!) Last week, we teamed up and decided to do a nail art series, two different and dun looks for your summer nails! Try them out yourself!
I met Saumya at one of the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) blogger events we both attended and immediately we clicked! She is the cutest mom with impeccable fashion, taste, and jokes! For her mani tutorial, she recreated a butterfly look with detailed steps below. I am still shocked at how amazing the outcome looks! It looks so hard, but with her step by step tutorial, she makes it to where anyone can do it!

For the butterfly nails you need 6 color polishes, feel free to use any coordinating color mix.  
She used 1) H&M  'blue my mind'
           2) Essie ' where's my chauffeur
           3) NY&C  'peony petals
           4) Essie  ' lilacism 
           5) NY&C ' darkness 
           6) Essie ' no place like chrome ' 
In addition you would need a fine tip nail art brush, a polka dot nail pen and some food plastic wrap. 

For my watermelon nails, scroll how to do this fun and juicy nail look yourself!

You can find our collaboration on her blog here!
Thank you and check back later this week for a special announcement!
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Monday, June 30, 2014

Mani Monday:: Stripes and Bowties

Happy Monday everyone! With Fourth of July right around the corner, that only means fireworks, popsicle sticks, flowy dresses, good company, and the best part... a 4 DAY WEEKEND! 
Of course, as with every holiday and reason to celebrate, you all know I love to be as festive as possible. Saying that,  here's this week's Mani Monday!

Have a safe weekend! Check back later next week for some updates and recipes!
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Mani Monday:: Lilly Summer Solstice

Summer is OFFICIALLY here!
Bright colors, turquoise fever, beaches, sunshine, ice cream, popsicle sticks, picnics, hopscotch, frisbee. 
With all this excitement, you all know I had to celebrate with my nails as well! What better way than to celebrate Lilly Pulitzer style?! I recreated the agenda look for the month of June, what do you think? Think you could follow my steps and recreate this fun summery look? Try it out yourself!

And for the final look....

These colors are just so much fun!

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Mani Monday:: Wild Flower

Happy Monday!!
This week I decided to bring back some flower power lovin. With the sun shinin away and flowers big and beautiful, I wanted my Mani to match! Below is a step by step on how to recreate my Mani Monday look! I love the pop of cobalt blue because 1, it's a nice pop and contrast, and 2, it is just such a great color! Who doesn't like cobalt blue?!

 Finished look! Have a great weekend y'all!

Make sure to check back later this week for a delicious and healthy recipe!
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Monday, June 2, 2014

Mani Monday:: Call Me Cantaloupe

With summer almost here, and fresh fruits near and dear, I figured why not add some orange lovin on my nails! The design is similar to that I did for Valentine's Day, here. I'm loving the pop of color on my nails! What about you?

 Check back alter this week for a recipe!
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Thursday, May 22, 2014


Today is my day to SHINE! It is MY BIRTHDAY YALL! I've learned to call this new place, Baltimore, my home. So here's a few fun shots with some balloons and downtown Baltimore, enjoy! I know I will!

Hope y'all have a great weekend! Don't forget to spread some joy and cheer!
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Mani Monday:: Call Me Cupcake

Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake
YAY!  This Monday is such an exciting one! My birthday is in FOUR DAYS! I'm all sorts of excited! So for this week, I naturally had to have my Mani Monday post in spirit of it with this cute little cupcake on my finger, you can just call me cupcake ;)

Check back Thursday for a surprise :)
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Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Favorites:: Birthday Week Edition

Oh. My. Goodness. In six days will be, can you guess it? MY BIRTHDAY!! This Friday couldn't get here sooner! Well, in the spirit of my birthday I decided to do a few birthday favorites of mine, starting off with this picture of me as a little baby =) See, I was stuntin as a fashionista even as a baby! ;)

Favorite Birthday Morning Surprise:: In the middle of the night when the birthday gal is asleep, cover her door in balloons and streamers, so when she wakes up and opens the door, it'll be an avalanche of surprise!

Favorite Birthday Card:: How cute is this confetti birthday card I found over at Vitamini Handmade?! Perfect invitation card!

Favorite Birthday Gifts(for Her):: Pretty much anything monogram and jewelry is the perfect go-to gift! Who doesn't like dainty little rings and bracelets or something monogrammed?!

Favorite Birthday Sweets:: Perfect treats, champagne and cupcakes, yes please!

Favorite Birthday Lunch:: Who says you need to go to a fancy lunch?! Save that for dinner and grab your best friends and go on a impromptu picnic by the lake or at a park!

Favorite Birthday Dream:: And which girl wouldn't want the infamous little blue box?!

Well, there's my idea of birthday favorites!
Check back next week for a surprise!
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Monday, May 12, 2014

Mani Monday:: Neon Pop

Happy Monday!! I am beyond excited for today! Why you ask? The countdown has officially started! T-10 days until…… (da da dummm) MY BIRTHDAY! :D
Well anyways, as for this week's Mani Monday, I decided to go really simple but bold, and I am loving this  look! Perfect for these bright, sunny days! 
All you have to do for this look is get a nude or tan color and paint a solid color on your nail, and then take a color of your choice, I chose hot pink, and paint a diagonal line across your nail! As shown below..

Check back this week for an OOTD!
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Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!! We made it through this crazy week, and now time to celebrate! Speaking of, have you noticed the new updates and look to the blog?! I've been changing things around and actually contemplating changing the whole website name and URL around, which would mean this page would just be redirected to my new page! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or email me at poojated522@gmail.com PS, I'm looking for ideas for a new blog name! Up for suggestions!!!
Anyways, let's get back to a few of my favorites for this week….

Favorite Dream:: With the weather warming up, who wouldn't want a picnic on a rooftop? Extra brownie points for the movie!

Favorite Casual Friday Look:: I swear, as the day progresses or even the week, so does my my "tucking in", cheers to casual Fridays! Which way do you prefer to tuck your oxfords?

Favorite Idea:: Use a pallet board, paint it a fun color, and store and hook things off it! What a smart and efficient idea!

Favorite Mantra:: I am such a persistant little one and believe in this so much!

Favorite Meal:: Love falafels?! Ever tried it?! Love protein!? Check out how I made these balls of heaven in my recipe here!

Have a great weekend and be alert for new updates throughout the next two weeks!
Also, don't forget to leave your ideas and suggestions below or through my email!
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Monday, May 5, 2014

Mani Monday:: May Flowers

Happy Monday y'all! I think it's time for a joke to start your week off right.. :) 
What did the stamp say to the envelope?!
Stick with me and we'll go places… Hahahha
Even though I did a small version of florals last week, I was requested to do a different style and more florals, so here yall go! I just love the florals look, especially with it being Springtime! It just goes so well with everything! (sorry for the picture quality this time around, forgot to charge the camera!)

Check back later this weekend for a recipe and an OOTD recap!
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Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Favorites:: "It's Gonna Be May"

I've been working on updating my blog, how do you like it?! Comment with suggestions and feedback or email me over at poojated522@gmail.com, I would love to hear what my fans think! Many things are still int he works, but enjoy this beta version! Also, mess around with the links up above! They will be updated weekly, and still needs many more posts to be linked, so check it out!
My absolute FAVORITE month is here, MAY!!!!! Not only is the weather beautiful, but I get to celebrate my birthday!!! I just think it is the perfect month with Spring, and more free time, and just a good time! Check out my May favorites!

Favorite May Throwback:: I've been waiting a while for May! For those of y'all who don't get this reference, SHAME ON YOU! (click here to get it, bye bye bye)

Favorite May Flowers:: The best part of all those groggy April showers, is that they brought beautiful May flowers! One of favorites are simple, but bold blue orchids :)

Favorite May Reminder:: Can you guys guess what I'm excited for?! My birthday at the end of the month!!

Favorite May Activity:: I could do this allllll day! Kayaking is such great exercise and also so relaxing! Soak up the sun, baby!

Have a great weekend!! I'll catch ya at the Derby ;)
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