Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Favorites:: Birthday Week Edition

Oh. My. Goodness. In six days will be, can you guess it? MY BIRTHDAY!! This Friday couldn't get here sooner! Well, in the spirit of my birthday I decided to do a few birthday favorites of mine, starting off with this picture of me as a little baby =) See, I was stuntin as a fashionista even as a baby! ;)

Favorite Birthday Morning Surprise:: In the middle of the night when the birthday gal is asleep, cover her door in balloons and streamers, so when she wakes up and opens the door, it'll be an avalanche of surprise!

Favorite Birthday Card:: How cute is this confetti birthday card I found over at Vitamini Handmade?! Perfect invitation card!

Favorite Birthday Gifts(for Her):: Pretty much anything monogram and jewelry is the perfect go-to gift! Who doesn't like dainty little rings and bracelets or something monogrammed?!

Favorite Birthday Sweets:: Perfect treats, champagne and cupcakes, yes please!

Favorite Birthday Lunch:: Who says you need to go to a fancy lunch?! Save that for dinner and grab your best friends and go on a impromptu picnic by the lake or at a park!

Favorite Birthday Dream:: And which girl wouldn't want the infamous little blue box?!

Well, there's my idea of birthday favorites!
Check back next week for a surprise!
ps, don't forget to =)


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