Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Favorites

Did ya'll  make it through this week alright? It snowed about 6 inches around here! Had a lot of snow days fun! Glad it's finally Friday though! Here;s some of my favorites for this week!!
Favorite Outfit:: Faux Fur and Plaid (OOTD up this weekend!)

Favorite Thought:: Sometime's it's not what you say, but what you didn't say. Speak up!

Favorite Easy Decor:: Add Wallpaper, fabric, or print off a design you love and frame it to make your own wall decor!

Favorite Smile:: Just too cute!

Favorite Afternoon Pickmeup:: Um, yes please!

Favorite Moves:: Just love this guy, Parov Stelar, and any guy for that matter, who wants to shake it and have fun! He's got a lot of great stuff!

Check back this weekend for an OOTD!
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Recap:: Yelp Elite Event

Weekend Recap and What does Yelp Elite mean?

This past weekend was SUCH a blast! It was filled with different events and catching up with old friends.  Sunday, I went to a "Yelp Elite Event" which, for those of you who don't know, Yelp is an app/website that helps you figure out different stores/groceries/restaurants/pubs/gas stations, etc that is around you or in a city that you enter.  It is based off of regular joes like us going on their and reviewing the establishment from everything to things they liked to what they didn't like rating it, and even posting pictures, so that future customers can decide before going there, whether if they want to or not.
So, the "Yelp Elite" status is given to those  "yelpers", people who yelp and review on a  constant basis. As a thank you, your community Yelp sponsor will throw special VIP events where you might be the first ones to try the restaurant, or have a huge bash at a nice location with over 20 sponsors of food, drinks, and much others, just so that they could get their name out through yelp and you get to go home with a goodie bags and a great evening! So get on Yelp and review a lot! This status is DEFINITELY WORTH IT!

So anyways, this past Sunday I was invited to try this new restaurant that opened up in the area called La Tagliatella.  What was awesome is that we got to create our own pizzas-taste and add our own cheeses, sauces, and create it however we wanted.  We started off with some of their delicious mimosas and sangrias.  Then went off into trying their brunch/fruit pizzas, which sounds iffy but was beyond delicious! Perfect sweet combo! Then we were sent off to try making some pizzas! It was a lot of fun, and you meet other yelpers who share the same common interest with you.. being a huge foodie! I can't wait for the next event!
Huge and fruit filled Sangrias on deck!

OOTD :) adding a pop of red with these Zara flats!

Brunch fruit pizzas

Yummy french toast and Yelp goodies!


Our toppings!

Yelp goodies, the pizza trays, and my cute phone!

Other yelp foodies!

Getting ready to make my pizza with a quick OOTD!

Got a bit too excited with the toppings, pesto, marinara, eggplant, and a whole bunch of cheeses!

Finished product!


My table sure did enjoy theirs!


Be a yelper yourself and soon you can also join these awesome yelp elite exclusive events!
Check back later this week to learn how to make some indian food and for a snowy OOTD!
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Mani Monday:: Modern-take French

Black on Black on Matte

I absolutely love using the "Matte Top Coat Finish." I bought one from Sephora a few months back and love love messing around with it.  Black matte just looks the best to me.  It's such a classy and elegant look with a bit of an edge.  All you really do is paint your nails with whatever color you want usually and then take the matte coat and layer on one coat for the finish to take place.  I then  took the regular black nail polish and drew a straight line for the french tip look.  It's pretty cool seeing how it turns from liquid-form to a matte in a matter of seconds!

Check back tomorrow to check out what I did this past weekend!
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