Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Favorites:: Valentines Edition

Happy happy Valentine's Day darlings! Whether you have that special someone or unattached, today is all about just spreading love and being with the ones you care about most! So grab some chocolate, whip out those chic flicks, grab your special someone or a group of friends, and enjoy this weekend! Here's some of my lovey-dovey favorites :)

Favorite Valentine's Day Gifter:: Why not grab some chocolate and make someone's day? Whether it's your neighbor, best friend, loved ones, family, or just a stranger! You can even wait till tomorrow for the sale and give a sweet surprise this weekend! Spread the love!

Favorite Valentine's Day Thought:: I might have to agree with this, I mean, it is from our favorite gals, Sex and the City!

Favorite Valentine's Day Laugh:: Because we all miss Heisenburg! 

Favorite Valentine's Day Release:: Have you seen this series, House of Cards?! It's on Netflix only and oh, so good! I know what I'll be watching this later tonight!!

Favorite Impromptu Valentine's Day Date:: We all know how beautiful the snow looks, so why not grab a few blankets, a basket full of your favorite goodies, and go on a rooftop or park and enjoy a different kind of Valentine's day out!

Favorite Favorite Valentine:: My main boy in my life, Teddy :)  

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

OOTD:: Vegas Weekend Getaway Part 2

Did you get a chance to try out making your own His and Hers pillowcases from yesterday's tutorial, found here? How cute did it turn out?!
Well onto my second half of Vegas weekend getaway! We originally wanted to go see Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon, but temperature dropped low and it ended up even snowing over at the Grand Canyon, super sad! So we just ended up touring around Vegas a bit more.  
Lunch at the fabulous Grimaldi's Pizzeria in the Venetian!

Went to go see KA Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand later that evening, which by the way was beyond amazing! Definitely a must see!

On to the outfit of the day.  Since we were walking mostly that day, and also, I only planned and packed the essentials for the trip, thinking I was going to see the Grand Canyon, I didn't have any more "cute" day to night outfits, but this ended up sufficing since it ended up being SO COLD! 
So what to wear on a chilly day out you ask?
Under Armour, an oversized sweater, a faux fur vest, black leggings, and a printed headband was my to-go warm outfit.  It was cozy, and definitely kept me warm against the harsh winds! I love the pop of red with the black, white, and grey colors.  
We went to the Bellagio to check out the fountains show and the beautiful hotel! 

Close up!

Daddy's little girls! Isn't he presh?!

Next morning before heading off to the airport, we stopped for brunch at the cute and scrumptious MTO Cafe. Everything was DELICIOUS! 

See ya next time Vegas; stay silly! Love my goof mustache ring 8)

A little CPK to-go for the plane and 6 hour flight, with the help of wi-fi and checking out Facebook and Pinterest!

The beautiful phases of Las Vegas skyline from the hotel and Stratosphere I took! 

Check back tomorrow for my Friday favorites for the week!
Happy early Valentines Day readers!
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY Love-dovey Cheesy Pillowcase

Happy HUMP DAY!!! I still can't seem to get over that Geico commercial; I still seem to giggle thinking of that camel, haha. But anyways, with Valentines in TWO DAYS, some of you probably have't even thought of a gift.  Yeah, you can go for the usual flowers, chocolate, and giant teddybear, but why not think of something more unique and creative? 
My brother and his girlfriend live fairly far away and so this past Christmas, I decided to recreate this pillow case I saw over at Bold Loft.  I feel like making something yourself, as unperfect as it can get, still means a lot more than just buying something.  This pillowcase is perfect for your loved ones or just as a birthday gift or friendly gift to give! ?it is sweet and you know they will always think of you when they're off all snuggled up and sleeping away. I gave the guy pillow to my brother and the girl pillow to his girlfriend and they tell me all the time how they just love it and people are always commenting on it!

What you will need::

  • 2 basic pillowcases (I brought two white jersey type pillowcases from Target)
  • A black and red fabric permanent marker
  • A Design you think is everything cheesy! (Bold Loft has great ones!)
  1. Take one pillow case and put a layer of cardboard or something in between the sheet so you can draw on one side without it leaking onto the next.   
  2. You can start with a pencil to outline what you would want to draw, or you can be ballsy like me and free hand it.
  3. Lay your sheet out straight across a table and start drawing. Once finished, take the 2nd pillow case and make sure you line it up with the 1st one so it flows together nicely. 
  4. Draw your design for the second pillow case.
  5. Voila! Giftwrap them together or separately! 
You now have the cutest and cheesiest His and Hers pillow case! Enjoy!

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of the Vegas weekend getaway!
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

OOTD:: Vegas Weekend Getaway Part 1

Last weekend, my wonderful parents treated the family to a weekend in Las Vegas!! He had his annual furniture and rug show there for his company,  Chandra Rugs and he decided why not take the whole family on an adventure? Love love love him! Anyways, the first day we were there, I went to the World Trade Center where it was hosted and checked out the showroom, helped him a little bit, and explored. Because of the 4-hr time difference and all the walking, I was a bit tired.
Early morning!

Quick OOTD pose with my brother! Flats was a must, so I opted for my shiny red Zara flats!

The next day, we explored the city a bit.  Shopped a little, ate a lot, went on rides, and of course, took a chance gambling! My favorite of that day was probably The Venetian.  I remember going there when I was little, but it is always so mind-blowing how beautiful this place really is!
It started to get a tad chilly, so I wore this black jumper with a pop of my favorite color, yellow, with flats of course for all the walking done during the day, and this fun cardigan layered on top.  Layers are great because when it is cold outside, you can layer up, and then inside when you get warm, you can always take it off!
Why I chose this as my OOTD choice was because a simple black jumper is so versatile.  IT can be dressed up or played down.  I felt like it was the perfect day outfit to explore in and feel comfortable in.  I dressed it up a bit by a statement necklace and a printed cardigan, but didn't over-do it.  Well here was my impromptu OOTD inside The Venetian!


Jumpers are so much fun!

Of course had to go on a mandatory gondola ride with the sis and parents to get the full experience while the man sang to you in Italian!

Had to represent my Kappa Delta letters all the way from Italy! (ok ok, just kidding, Vegas!)

My favorite part is that our gondola man photo-bombed my picture! Haha

Quick pitstop over at the penny slots! Second time playing, I put in just $5 and won $75 back! Whoo, hoo!

Gorgeous sunsetting view from the top of the Stratosphere. Became very chilly, but all the scary yet so much fun rides were the best with this view! Can you see the rainbow?!

Skyline view from the hotel =)

Check back tomorrow for a QUICK DIY easy Valentines day gift!
And Thursday for the 2nd half to my Vegas weekend getaway!
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Mani Monday:: Hugs and Kisses


Happy Monday y'all! With Valentine's Day so close and near, I decided to start of this week with a poem so dear :)
Roses are red, 
Violets are blue, 
Sugar is sweet, 
and so are you! 
Remember, with Valentine's Day coming up, it's not about whether you have a boyfriend or girlfriend or significant other, just that you believe in the crazy little thing called love and you want to spread its cheer! So be happy for your friends who are dating, and spread love onto those who are single! Get together with some friends even and have a night of pamper and giggles!
Today's Mani Monday is a very simple one.  I shaped my nails into almost a "V-shape" nail as seen below in picture 1, because it looks a lot better with this design! Take your polish and create two lines going down to recreate this heart design on your nails!
Have a great week!
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