Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY Love-dovey Cheesy Pillowcase

Happy HUMP DAY!!! I still can't seem to get over that Geico commercial; I still seem to giggle thinking of that camel, haha. But anyways, with Valentines in TWO DAYS, some of you probably have't even thought of a gift.  Yeah, you can go for the usual flowers, chocolate, and giant teddybear, but why not think of something more unique and creative? 
My brother and his girlfriend live fairly far away and so this past Christmas, I decided to recreate this pillow case I saw over at Bold Loft.  I feel like making something yourself, as unperfect as it can get, still means a lot more than just buying something.  This pillowcase is perfect for your loved ones or just as a birthday gift or friendly gift to give! ?it is sweet and you know they will always think of you when they're off all snuggled up and sleeping away. I gave the guy pillow to my brother and the girl pillow to his girlfriend and they tell me all the time how they just love it and people are always commenting on it!

What you will need::

  • 2 basic pillowcases (I brought two white jersey type pillowcases from Target)
  • A black and red fabric permanent marker
  • A Design you think is everything cheesy! (Bold Loft has great ones!)
  1. Take one pillow case and put a layer of cardboard or something in between the sheet so you can draw on one side without it leaking onto the next.   
  2. You can start with a pencil to outline what you would want to draw, or you can be ballsy like me and free hand it.
  3. Lay your sheet out straight across a table and start drawing. Once finished, take the 2nd pillow case and make sure you line it up with the 1st one so it flows together nicely. 
  4. Draw your design for the second pillow case.
  5. Voila! Giftwrap them together or separately! 
You now have the cutest and cheesiest His and Hers pillow case! Enjoy!

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of the Vegas weekend getaway!
ps, don't forget to =)

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