Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Favorites:: Valentines Edition

Happy happy Valentine's Day darlings! Whether you have that special someone or unattached, today is all about just spreading love and being with the ones you care about most! So grab some chocolate, whip out those chic flicks, grab your special someone or a group of friends, and enjoy this weekend! Here's some of my lovey-dovey favorites :)

Favorite Valentine's Day Gifter:: Why not grab some chocolate and make someone's day? Whether it's your neighbor, best friend, loved ones, family, or just a stranger! You can even wait till tomorrow for the sale and give a sweet surprise this weekend! Spread the love!

Favorite Valentine's Day Thought:: I might have to agree with this, I mean, it is from our favorite gals, Sex and the City!

Favorite Valentine's Day Laugh:: Because we all miss Heisenburg! 

Favorite Valentine's Day Release:: Have you seen this series, House of Cards?! It's on Netflix only and oh, so good! I know what I'll be watching this later tonight!!

Favorite Impromptu Valentine's Day Date:: We all know how beautiful the snow looks, so why not grab a few blankets, a basket full of your favorite goodies, and go on a rooftop or park and enjoy a different kind of Valentine's day out!

Favorite Favorite Valentine:: My main boy in my life, Teddy :)  

Check back this week for a recipe and OOTD!
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