Tuesday, February 11, 2014

OOTD:: Vegas Weekend Getaway Part 1

Last weekend, my wonderful parents treated the family to a weekend in Las Vegas!! He had his annual furniture and rug show there for his company,  Chandra Rugs and he decided why not take the whole family on an adventure? Love love love him! Anyways, the first day we were there, I went to the World Trade Center where it was hosted and checked out the showroom, helped him a little bit, and explored. Because of the 4-hr time difference and all the walking, I was a bit tired.
Early morning!

Quick OOTD pose with my brother! Flats was a must, so I opted for my shiny red Zara flats!

The next day, we explored the city a bit.  Shopped a little, ate a lot, went on rides, and of course, took a chance gambling! My favorite of that day was probably The Venetian.  I remember going there when I was little, but it is always so mind-blowing how beautiful this place really is!
It started to get a tad chilly, so I wore this black jumper with a pop of my favorite color, yellow, with flats of course for all the walking done during the day, and this fun cardigan layered on top.  Layers are great because when it is cold outside, you can layer up, and then inside when you get warm, you can always take it off!
Why I chose this as my OOTD choice was because a simple black jumper is so versatile.  IT can be dressed up or played down.  I felt like it was the perfect day outfit to explore in and feel comfortable in.  I dressed it up a bit by a statement necklace and a printed cardigan, but didn't over-do it.  Well here was my impromptu OOTD inside The Venetian!


Jumpers are so much fun!

Of course had to go on a mandatory gondola ride with the sis and parents to get the full experience while the man sang to you in Italian!

Had to represent my Kappa Delta letters all the way from Italy! (ok ok, just kidding, Vegas!)

My favorite part is that our gondola man photo-bombed my picture! Haha

Quick pitstop over at the penny slots! Second time playing, I put in just $5 and won $75 back! Whoo, hoo!

Gorgeous sunsetting view from the top of the Stratosphere. Became very chilly, but all the scary yet so much fun rides were the best with this view! Can you see the rainbow?!

Skyline view from the hotel =)

Check back tomorrow for a QUICK DIY easy Valentines day gift!
And Thursday for the 2nd half to my Vegas weekend getaway!
ps, don't forget to =)

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  1. How generous of your parents! A Vegas trip is the perfect one to take, if you're planning to unwind and play. You definitely look gorgeous on your outfit. That is the perfect Vegas OOTD! Hahaha! Plus, the view from your hotel is amazing, no wonder you had a blast. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you! :)

    Lucille Foster @ The George Hotel