Monday, November 5, 2012

Mani Monday!

Tan and Black

I am a big believer in that brown and black do NOT mix, HUGE fashion faux-pas, HOWEVER, saying that, I do think some trends can get away with it. Brown boots are a huge example of breaking the trend. Depending if its more towards a tan/lighter brown, you can still wear it with a black outfit!
Back to mani mondays though.  My nails were inspired by all the boots, and blacks and browns I see.  I decided to also make it a different look by updating the french manicure into a fall manicure!

First start off by painting the tips of your nails black.  This is usually pretty sloppy and just done to make the tip.  Make sure to double coat it for a dark, sleek look.

Now take some nail polish remover and a dip in a q-tip.  Then slowly in windshield-wiper motions, go back and forth.  Don't be sad if it doesn't work how you want the first time. This IS the hardest part and may take a couple tries.  Practice makes perfect!  Notice my index finger is how it will turn out.

 Now you should have all your nails close to perfectly tipped!

Apply the tan nail polish in the center and to the tip line.  and Voila!!! :)

 Remember, when you don't succeed at first, try and try harder!  It is worth practicing because you can do your own french manicures!
Have a great start to the week!
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