Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DIY:: Old table turned into Vanity Table

Cheap table turned into Vanity Table

I am so excited about today's post because it is SO simple to makeover and very cheap! #brokecollegekidproblems haha I found this simple table on craigslist for about $10 and just thought it was boring and hated the green for my room.  So I went over to Hobby Lobby and bought a few things like spray paint, paint, and found a few miscellaneous things on clearance to spruce up my table, and then I was ready to start!

It all started with this plain table with the green top...

I used a matte white spray paint and sprayed evenly all over.  You usually have to wait a few hours to let it dry before you can do a second coat. I waited until the next day.

I strongly suggest a second coat, unless you like the look of how the first coat came out.  In my case, I was trying to get rid of the green so I had to coat it again. Then let it dry for a few hours.

Anyone that knows me knows that I just I just love monograms.  I think adding a little personality to your table makes it that much better.  I added a cute border around the sides and then used a cursive monogram font for the initials in the middle.

I also wanted to go with the theme colors in my room-pink, grey, white-the soft colors and loved dipped items so I decided to do a DIY dip to my table by painting 3/4 of the legs grey.

Dont forget to paint over the edges!

And voila! Added some desk goodies and a mirror and I now have a chic table for less!

As Albert Einstein once stated, "Creativity is intelligence having fun," use your mind and don't be afraid to mix styles, try something different, "take the road less traveled."
Making over furniture is always such a cheap and fun use of your time! It can get tedious but will be so much worth it at the end because it is a statement that YOU created and you ACCOMPLISHED. 
Check back tomorrow for a thoughtful Thursday post and later this week for an ootd! :)
ps, don't forget to =)

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