Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thoughtful Thursdays:: Anger

I stumbled upon this quote a few days ago and it got me wondering, what is it that triggers people to get so angry? Is it the fact that we missed the morning train,  getting stuck in traffic when you have a to be somewhere at a certain time, not getting your way, someone hurting your feelings? These all are just a few reasons why we choose to express our feelings in the form of anger.  It is one of the most basic human emotions.  Something as trivial as having coffee spilled all over you can get people feeling this strong sense of emotion.  But how people choose to react to it is the real test about who you are and your personality. 

Anyone that knows me knows that I am as happy as can be.  I will be smiling all day everyday just for the heck of it. Why not? There is so much to be happy about! How about the fact the we woke up and got to live another day? I have several people ask me on a  daily basis why am I always so happy and why don't they ever seem to see me be upset? I'm
actually smiling as I'm writing this just thinking about the goofy cheesy look on my face other people have too see on a constant basis. Yes, anger is a natural response to feeling we have been wronged by someone or something.  It actually isn't a negative emotion itself.  How people react to it is the real negative aspect.  We all have things that make us angry-people, situations, moments-and they all can really take a toll on us and hurt us.  A misconstrued  outlook is that we feel if we hold onto that anger and act on it, we are winning and making a point and that someone there will be a different outcome.  But that is NOT the case.  My mom raised me into being the happy girl I am today.  She was always smiling, not matter what.  She could've had the worst of days, broke her foot, felt betrayed by a friend, but you would never know that because she chose to see that there were more things that made her smile which always outweighed any angry feelings.  Of course everyone gets upset, and that is alright.  But for me personally, and hopefully most of you guys, staying angry takes so much work.  It weighs you down and can even make you miss out on opportunities you would've chosen before you felt angry.  Being happy is just so much easier.  It is a fact that it takes more work to put on a frown than to smile.  I'm not saying don't get upset or frustrated, because that is just natural, but choose how you choose to react to the situation.  Take a few hours to actually be logical about the situation, does getting angry really matter? IT happened already, you can't change that fact, so your question now lays with where do you go from here?  The best choose is to figure out if it's an accident, the world isn't over, you lived through it, it is all okay. If it is something that hurt you emotionally or mentally, what can you do that will make you happier but also stay a morally good person? That is the test.  Sometimes it will take a few days, months, or years, and sometimes it can just take 5 minutes to make your decision.  

When people get angry they can do things they know is wrong, but feel as if it's alright this time because they were wronged.   But just remember you have felt anger but then again I'm pretty certain you have also been the cause of someone else feeling that same rage.  All of us have hurt and felt hurt.  So just remember the cardinal rule:: Do onto others as you would want done onto yourself.  Every action you make has a consequence, wether good or bad.  Remember the type of person you would want to be at that moment.  If you have wronged someone, something as simple as a talk can solve matters, or if you felt wronged, forgive and choose to either move on and let your ego go so you can enjoy more memories or choose forgive and just realize things need to go a different direction.  Either way, develop into the person you want to become.  Back to the quote, why would you let someone else who made you angry murder you like that?  You've already lost when you stay angry.  We are the only ones who onto and let our emotions go.

Here's a few other quotes I found and avery cute video of this little kid who fell pretty hard yet chose to be happy still!  Hopefully  they will keep you into remembering who you want to be! 

I really hope you remember this and take it to heart! It is so much healthier and just overrall makes life alot better if you just choose to let go!
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