Monday, December 9, 2013

Mani Monday:: Holiday Scallops

A white Christmas has begun! This past weekend, the first snowfalls arrived! I woke up looking outside my window to see everyone's rooftop all covered in white! I don't know a better way to get this Christmas spirit spread quicker than a snowday and some fun! I for sure was loving it! 

This week's mani monday is inspired by all the festive cheer and holiday spirit.  This month is the only month where I think you can mix reds and greens.  I couldn't decide if I wanted to go with a red festive look or a green one, so I did both and decided at the end.  
I figured it's also nice to see various ways to do one look because you guys can experiment too!  I love when yall follow my design, but feel free to make it with your favorite colors or with your personality to it! Don't be afraid!

I love this scallop design. The red white and glitter boosts its charm! This easy 3-step design is great for you to design and get holiday season ready!
As you see below, I ended up choosing the holiday reds!

Check back later this week for some recipes and a some hilarious crafty ideas!
ps, don't forget to =) ('Tis the season!)


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