Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Favorites!

HAPPY FIRST FRIDAY OF THE NEW YEAR!! I'm sure with it being New Years in the middle of the week, everyone is glad it is TGIF! We've all been busy with the holidays, family, and friends coming back home, but now we've got to get back (somehow) into the daily grind.  Here's a few favorites of mine this week!

Favorite quote:: With the new year just starting, don't be afraid to try something new!
 Favorite Weekly Activity:: Woke up pretty early New Years Day and welcomed 2014 with a great hike! (and warm starbucks of course!) Great Activity to do no matter what the weather!

 Favorite feeling:: My parents came up for the holidays and brought my dog, Teddy, along. I love when he takes his naps on me :)

 Favorite Sight:: So this happened last last night around midnight. I look outside my bedroom window and see this. (No filter!) Isn't crazy how bright it appears even though it's suppose to be dark? What a beautiful world we live in!

Favorite New Years resolution(simple):: I think everyone should do this, men and women.  Turn your hangers around and when you wear it, turn it back the normal way.  At the end of the year(or season) you can donate your unused clothes to people who will actually use it and are in need of it.  Great for the soul and great for more room in your closet! As you can see, my closet is pretty packed!

 Favorite Indulgence:: I don't know about you guys, but it is FREEZING over here in Maryland. Warm, comfort food is the best.  Try making my mac and cheese using this simple recipe!

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Check back in the next few days for an easy new wreath tutorial for this winter season and later this week for some OOTD!
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