Monday, May 13, 2013

Mani Moday:: Chevron and glitter

Chevron, Pink, and Glitter!
Today, in the spirit of summer coming up and my love of chevron, I decided to paint my nails all summer-like!  I just think pink, gray, and white are a perfect combination of colors!

Start off first by painting one nail a color different than the rest.  This will be the nail with the chevron print.

Now you will start the chevron process.  All you are really doing is lines in a upside down v-shape as shown below.  Don't get discouraged if you mess up at first! Like I've always said, practice makes perfect!

 The finished product will look like the nail below!

 Then go ahead and paint the rest of your nails one color, I decided to also paint one nail in glitter for some summer glitz fun!

Voila! You now are ready to go out in style! Have a great rest of the week and check back later this week for a Travel Outfit of the Day!!
ps, don't forget to =)


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