Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Favorites:: Valentines Edition

TGIF!!!! This week had been so stressful for me! With presentations, catching up on work from my break over in Vegas (pictures up tomorrow btw!) and the crappy weather, sleeping in in the mornings and cuddling under a blanket for a few hours sounds perfect! With Valentines day around the corner, couples seem to get all flustered and red, while single people get angry or annoyed.  I don't think singles should feel that way, yes Valentines day is more for the lovey-dovey couples, but it could also be a time when you pamper  and treat yourself! Hello chocolate, girls night, and all the chick flicks you want without a guy complaining! Well here's a few of my favorite ideas on how to celebrate!

Favorite Valentines Day Chick Flicks(For All!)::
The Classic
The Romantic
The Laughs
The Girls Night (Let's face it, anything with Channing :) )

Favorite Valentines Day Gift:: His and Hers pillowcases, for cheesy couples and the long distance ones!(Check back this weekend to learn how to make this yourself!)

Favorite Valentines Day Smile::

And then those are the ones who don't get so lucky, haha

Favorite Valentines Day Escape:: YES PLEASE!

Favorite Valentines Day Card:: Too soon? Haha

ps, don't forget to =)


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