Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Favorites!

TGIF yall! I am so happy the weather has finally turned around, no more surprise snowdays like s week ago, rain quick for a bit, and now it's all sunshines and smiles! To start off this week's Friday Favorites, I have this video that's about a month or two old, but it still gets me laughing so hard! Enjoy your weekend!

Favorite Laugh:: All he wanted was his cupcakes!

Favorite Spring Activity:: Grab a few friends or a date, get on a hammock and enjoy nature! I don;t know a more perfect activity.

Favorite Revamp:: Who says you can't make your bathroom look classy and just as great, while still maintaining a budget? Get rid of the shower rod look and add some fun designs!

Favorite Reminder:: So true! [[Why add quotes to random pictures when you can personalize them yourself?! Thank you for the app, A Beautiful Mess!]]

Favorite Meal:: I've been craving this sucker lately. Have you tried it? Check out how I made this super easy and healthy Eggplant Rollatini here!

Check back tomorrow for an OOTD transitioning into Spring!
Enjoy your weekend!
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