Monday, April 28, 2014

Mani Monday:: Springtime Florals

Happy Monday everyone! Beautiful, beautiful day! How could you not be happy and smiling at everyone?! 
Well today's Mani Monday is a fun, flirty, girly, and festive one, filled with little roses and pinks! Learn how to make this floral design yourself by following the steps below!
First start off by painting your base colors.  
Then with the lightest shade, like a light pink, make random polka dots. They do NOT need to be perfect!
Then take a toothpick or thin brush and with your darker shade, make random lines around the dots, like shown before.
Lastly, get a green polis and add random lines/dots around your roses to create the leaves!

And the final step!

Check back later this weekend for a fun outfit of the day!
ps, don't forget to =)


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