Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Favorites! FOOOTBALL!


Well to be honest I'm not that into the sport.  But give me a fun atmosphere, good friends, and a reason to dress up and have fun? I'm down! Last year my friends and I were watching the oh so heated Bama/Georgia Game and like I already mentioned, I don't have a whole team memorized or a favorite player or anything, I just like having fun. So when it came time to dress up, I had the cutest houndstooth skirt and wanted to wear it. So that's pretty much the only reason I rooted for Bama; as the last 5 minutes come near, my friends dissed and hated tremendously because I was rooting (and winning, whoo!) for a team they knew I only picked for fashion.  Haha, good times. Needless to say, Football season has arrived and heres some of my football favorites!
Favorite Football Memes::

too soon? 

Favorite Fantasy Football Team Names:: Found these hilarious top 10 over at The Phinsider
10. What would Jones-Drew?
9. Show me your TDs
8. The Real Chip Shady
7. I Pitta the Fool
6. Gronkdonkadonks
5. Clear Bag and Present Danger
4. Boston Tebow Party
3. Weeden Start the Fire
2. RG3PO
1. The Butt Fumblers

Favorite Football Decorations:: All SO clever, STUPID genius, and best part...low budgeted!
Decorate your solo cups with duct tape! 

Utensil Holders made out of construction paper and tin cans!

Get a green table cloth and use white tape to make for a spirited football field table!

Have a safe and fun weekend!!
Happy Labor Day weekend!
Hopefully every loved these!
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