Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Favorites:: TSM Style

Why was the potato so sad?
Because it was FRY-day! ….Haha (Sorry, I just love corny jokes!)
Happppy Friday!!! Hope yall tried the black bean recipe posted yesterday!
This Friday Favorites segment is going to revolve around sorority life.  Guys, you may want to help your sister, friend, or girlfriend, but today's post will be more catered for the sweet, classy SRAT's.There's a lot more favorites than usual but I just couldn't decide!
Bid Day has come and gone and Big/Little Reveal week is around the corner! As yall know, I'm a proud Kappa Delta girl, AOT, but all of us girls craft the same way and I wanted to give out some of my favorite crafting ideas out to help you! Yes yo can just always buy your little some sorority gear, but crafting it yourself adds so much more of a connection and is more meaningful!

Favorite DIY candle holder:: Don't have too much time? Or even who doesn't like a few gems? Go to a dollar-store and you can get simple candle holders, then go to a Michaels or Hobby Lobby and buy a strand of rhinestones, and glue it on! Voila!

 Favorite Way to Welcome:: Why not get a plain welcome mat, some paint, and paint on a cute monogram, phrase, or your letters? What a great way to be greeted!

Favorite Thoughtful Idea:: Make a CD filled with sisterly love songs or even a oldies but goldies mix?! Do I hear MMM-Bop?!

Favorite Corny Gift:: I mean, just how cute is this. Cmon!

Favorite Photo-Wall Decor:: Get a plain wooden plank or frame, paint chalkboard paint, and attach clips with pictures on the bottom! Super cute and different talk to a Dry-Erase Board!

Favorite Nameboards:: Who doesn't love Lilly Pulitzer?! Just add your Little's name underneath for this cute name wall-art or Monogram a canvas and paint a cute print on the background!

Favorite Splurge:: These HayMarket monogram towels are just TOO cute! Find them here!

Favorite Basket Gift:: Paint on wine glasses for a super cute and personalized glass! Pinky up!

and last but not least,
but of course,
Favorite Idea for EVERYTHING!:: Who DOESN'T love bows?!

Have so so much fun crafting ladies! I know I miss it!
Check back next week for my ootd at the Winery!
ps, don't forget to =)

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