Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Favorites!!

HAPPY FRIDAY YALL! Guess what happened? Remember how I was rooting for the Yankees? Well, win won, naturally :) Twice. WHOOO! On other news, Check out this week's Friday Favorites!
Favorite Ads with a Purpose:: Very clever IBM

Favorite Clever Display:: Have a random wi-fi password and friends that are always coming into your house? This is a very smart and easy DIY art you can hang in your place!

Favorite Word of Advice:: Yup. Intelligence indeed is an intriguing character to have!

Favorite Wedding DIY:: This is just so smart! Get your guests to go ahead and write their address down, that way when it comes to Thank-You cards, have the work is already done plus it adds a bit more touch to it!

Favorite Hilarious Video:: This is such a classic and still as funny as the first time I watched it. Enjoy!

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