Thursday, January 9, 2014

DIY:: Winter Wreath

Simple, yet Festive!
Today's post is on how to spruce up your house or apartment with 2-3 simple items.   This is an easy and festive winter wreath that can last all winter, until the end of February, and maybe even March!  Christmas wreaths usually have to go shortly after New Years, hence, this is a great way to keep the entrance to your place looking great!
All you need to get is some popsicle sticks, paint if you want, I used leftover white paint for a "Winter White" theme since it snows up here a lot, and some sort of glue, glue guns work great! You can add a cute ribbon to tie it all together and add a pop of color!
You can use any snowflake shape, but shown below is how to recreate this snowflake.  I would place it out first and roughly get an estimate on length before adding the glue.  Have fun!!

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