Sunday, April 20, 2014

OOTD:: Sunday Afternoons at the Wineries

Now the Spring weather is here! (well, slowly but surely) we want to take advantage of these beautiful days by spending all our time outside! What other way to spend your Sunday than a trip over to a winery, or three!

Remember my last post about "Winery Hopping" (to check it out click here!) My friends and I like to head over to Virginia and make a fun-filled day over it, checking out different wineries each time and bringing along food and making a picnic as well! Well this time, we chose Casanel Vineyards, Bogati Bodega and Vineyards, and finished off with Village Winery. I love winery hopping because not only do you get to explore more wines and more vineyards, you can get with your friends, do a potluck style, and be snacking on food all day, soaking in the sun, playing frisbee or cards, laying on the grass, and taking advantage of the full day! 
With a quick overview of each place, we started off with Casanel first. Loved it! Love the ambiance, the wines, and how they told the history of how they started and how it is a family-owned business.  After our wine, we ate our first meal here, soaking in the spring sun. After an hour or two of munching and talking, we finally left and headed over to Bogati Bodega.  This place was my second favorite, but not somewhere I would probably go again. They staff and interior was nice, I just wasn't feeling the wines here.  BUT the nice part was, you could bring in some chocolate and have a chocolate/wine tasting, um, HELLO! Right after our tasting, we headed over to our final destination over at this cute little cabin called Village Winery.  This place was very unique in that they had box wines, yes, you read right, box wines! None of that Franzia college wine, actual wine made and assembled into a box! What a neat concept! Sadly, the wine here and I didn't match flavors.  The man behind it all was extremely sweet, and we actually spent most of our time here outside relaxing and eating again, but wine wise, not my cup of tea.

Onto the outfit of the day! It was slightly chilly in the morning and evening, the blankets helped.  But the afternoon was perfect and so warm! I opted for some fun, printed shorts, a white blouse, paired with sandals for all the walking and a cardigan in case I was chilly (remember, layering is key!) Check out my day, yourself!

picnic time!

Check back tomorrow for Mani Monday!
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