Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Favorites:: Halloween Treats

Halloween treats

Happy Friday!! I feel like this week has gone by way too fast! Well anyways, hosting a party?  Here's a few October favorites for Halloween to get you party planning ready for your trick and treats! 
But first we must start off with two cute Halloween jokes to surprise your friends with!  :)
What's a goblin's favorite cheese? 
What do ghosts eat for supper?

Favorite Halloween Simple Decorations:: 
Get a jar and wrap gauze around it to get this spooky headless candy look!

Have a spare pumpkin? Why not use it to serve drinks? 
Hallow out the center and place a clear bowl with ice and drinks for a festive look!

 Love to scare people? Get a latex glove, fill it with water, freeze it, and serve with drinks for this "hands on" fun!

 Favorite Halloween Spook:: Get this plastic cups anywhere, a sharpie, and led lights for some late night scares!

 Favorite Halloween Sweet "Thanks" Treat:: Wanting to thank a friend, teacher, or neighbor? Get some soft socks and foot lotion for the cold winters in this "Boo Bag" along with some candy for a sweet trick or treat!

Favorite Halloween DIY Game:: Bored and want some entertainment for your guests? Fill bottles with cotton and felt eyes for this fun spooky game of bowling!

Have a great Friday and weekend!
I'll be driving back home Sunday, so Monday Mani won't be posted. But check back next week for a DIY craft and OOTD! 
ps, don't forget to smile!


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