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166 years ago today marks the anniversary of one of the greatest sororities born, created by these four amazing women, Lenora Ashmore Blackiston, Mary Sommerville, Sparks Hendricks, Julia Gardiner Tyler Wilson, and Sara Turner White. 

This video below is a perfect short clip showing a little of everyday Kappa Delta life and who we are, create by the sisters over at Elon University.

Today, there are over 230,000 members, more than 14,000 undergraduate members in 150 active collegiate chapters with more growing.  There are more than 515 chartered alumnae chapters, the most of any National Panhellenic Conference group. Kappa Delta was the only sorority to become a member of the National Panahellenic Conference immediately upon petition. Philanthropies include Prevent Child Abuse America, Children's Hospital of Richmond, Va, Girls Scouts, and the Confidence Coalition. 
I personally was a founding sister over at Kennesaw State University Eta Omega Chapter 2012. Even though it has been just a little over a year, Kappa Delta has changed my life drastically! Our motto is, "Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest" in which the sisterhood had mentored me into becoming that which IS honorable, beautiful, and highest and into the fine young woman my friends and I have become today.  It is pretty cliche to say that Kappa Delta has changed me and made me experience so much happiness and live through unforgettable memories that I already have, but it is all so true.  I remember on Bid Day one Sunday morning, running with about 150 other excited girls down these stairs at school to see alumnae from all over the US greeting us and welcoming us, all strangers may I add, with open arms and wide smiles.  The fine gents of Delta Tau Delta helped created our big letters and decorations along with our AMAZING "mommy" me and great sisters and LDC's Tori Close and Sarah Barr.  I have so many memories that thinking back brings me to tears, and it just really does make me appreciate the family away from home that these girls and I have created.  If you are reading this and haven't had an experience of meeting complete strangers and still somehow feeling like they would take their life for you, they would take you in, love you unconditionally, treat you like an actual sister, you need to experience it.  Even though there are hundred of different girls with completely different personalities, you still have one common bond tat will always keep you together with unconditional love, and that is Kappa Delta. 
The Kappa Delta Team composed of the sweet gents of Delta Tau Delta
Bid Day 2012!
Initiation Day 2012, blessed to be meeting the council of Kappa Delta
Initiation Day 2012, with the Kappa Delta council 
The Kappa Delta Council along with our AMAZING LDC's
Volunteering at the Georgia Dome, Falcons game with the sisters! 
One of our philanthropy events, Shamrock 5K Run
Spring Bid Day 2013, welcoming the Beta Class
Spring Bid Day 2013
memories, best friends, sisters

I celebrated with some sweet sisters of the Anne Arundel County Maryland Alumnae Chapter for a fun potluck dinner and treats!! <3

Rare as a diamond, pretty as a pearl, I am PROUD to be  Kappa Delta girl!

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